Meet Sky!

Sky is a 2 year old “Teacup” Dane. She was born June 9th 2021. She weighs about 90lbs, is spayed and up to date on all vaccines. Sky was seen by her vet recently and has a clean bill of health.

She is an owner surrender secondary to long work hours and inability to provide her the love and attention she deserves. Sky is a “velcro dane” and loves her person! She will follow you throughout the house and is happiest when she can spend all day by your side. Sky is incredibly sweet but at times can be protective of her person and perhaps territorial of her eating space but that is easily fixed by feeding her separate.

She is slow to warm up to new people and will need patience initially, but ultimately is super affectionate and wants to snuggle all day long. Once you break down her barriers she is bonded for life! Sky is great with other animals and frequents Doggy Daycare weekly. She is great on the leash (running or walking!) and loves to go for car rides. Her favorite time is in the back of the car with the window down…perhaps because that means that she is with her person and not home alone 🙂 ! Sky has exhibited some separation anxiety (she really does love her person!) and can cause a mess when left to her own devices. Trash cans unattended are her ultimate temptation! That being said, once a routine is established she does excellently and can go 8+ hours alone without needing to be put in a crate. Although her prior owner did not allow her on furniture, if given the choice she prefers couch and bed cuddles.

Sky is a lifelong partner and protector for her next owner. Ideally her next owner would be someone who works from home or does not work long hours outside of the house, and does not have little ones walking around. Though she has experience with children and is always sweet, we feel her obsession with her food and being protective it is best not to risk young children in the home. Sky would be a great sibling and fit well into a house that has other dogs. She will need a large yard space for zoomies between her 6-8 hour long naps 🙂 She is back with us looking for her forever home where she can thrive at her new owner’s side!

If interested in Sky email us at for an application


Todd is a black, male, Great Dane puppy, approximately 9 months old. He is quickly learning house manners, walks great on a leash, and is dog friendly. While currently not cat tested, Todd is not prey oriented and will most likely do well with cats in the home. He greets children with caution and interest and plays well with his foster brother. Todd will do very well in a home with other dogs and children, although he prefers a quiet house. But he will do best with a canine companion.

His favorite activities include bone chewing, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snuggling with his people. Todd is curious about the world but shy with new people and new experiences. He is a calm, sweet puppy ready to adapt to new environments. Todd has soft, silky fur and slightly different eye colors, all which make him unique and beautiful. He was initially underweight but now he is about 100 lbs. and growing into his giant ears and paws. His personality is emerging, and he makes many endearing yawning sounds to express joy and contentment. Todd will be an awesome addition to any family.

**Giant breed experience is required as well as a fenced yard. ***

If interested in adopting email us at


Meet Jackson!

He is a 2 1/2-3 yr old stray, who was found hiding under a tree, on the side of a highway. He had no microchip & was weighed in at only 70lbs. He has been steadily gaining weight (97lbs now) & enjoys fresh foods added to his regular dog food. Nothing but the best for this boy! He also takes treats very gently & is learning basic commands.

He would love a family who is willing to continue his training & work on his socialization. He loves praise & is attentive to learning. When he landed in rescue, he was scared of everything, even squeak toys. But he loves bones, a stuffed Kong, & some plush toys. Jackson is currently being fostered with a cat & does well…until the cat decides to be the Cat BOSS…causing him to retreat to safe quarters. He is not confrontational at all.

Jackson does well with other dogs & is so cute when he play bows with them. He also rides in the car like a champ. And did you notice his Merle marking freckles on his muzzle & ears? So handsome!

Jackson is being fostered in Thomasville NC. If interested in Jackson you can email us at for an application.


Meet Bob!

He is a 18 month old neutered male Dane. Bob is such a special guy! Bob has survived a significant amount of trauma in his short life. His previous family’s home was lost in a fire. Thankfully, all 4 of the family’s dogs were able to get out alive.

However, once in temporary housing, the family was no longer able to keep the dogs. The 3 little dogs were sent to a rescue, but Bob was left abandoned in the backyard after the fire. Bob was terrified when he was brought into rescue. Since being in his foster home, Bob has made huge strides coming out of his shell. He absolutely loves small dogs and cats. He’s learning how to be with big dogs, as his foster home has dogs of all sizes, including another Great Dane. He enjoys car rides and rides calmly in the car. When first put on a leash, he melted onto the floor. He’s learning how to walk on a leash with a lot of positive reinforcement, but it’s something that does make him nervous.

He’s a love bug with so much life in him! He just needs someone patient to help him learn how to trust again! He would do well in a home with another confident dog to help guide him, but this isn’t necessary for adoption. He is house trained and has lived with kids and was good with them.

Since Bob has been through so much and needs to build some confidence we would recommend kids 8 yrs and up. He is being fostered in Asheville NC and will require a fenced yard. If interested in Bob you can email us at for an application.


Meet Poppy! Poppy is a 3 year old Dane that was at a local surrender as a stray. We don’t have a lot of info on her previous life but we do know she has had several litters. Poppy evaluated well at the shelter but sometimes in a shelter environment you don’t always get a good read on a dog because they are stressed. Now…don’t take that wrong…she is an amazingly sweet sweet girl! But… she is not so great with other dogs IN the home. She can go out in public and be around other dogs with a confident owner that is good at reading her signals if she is stressed. She doesn’t bark or lunge or any of that nonsense unless she is with a “soft” owner and one where she feels they are not in control or confident. But… if a dog invades her space or their energy is too much she will let them know and fire off.
Poppy LOVES her people and wants to be as close as she can. She is a first class cuddler! You need to keep food off the counters because this girl came in hungry and even though she is now getting regular meals she can counter surf like a pro! Since Poppy was a little rough around the edges we sent this beauty off to training. While she was there they worked on her being able to be OK around other dogs in public and also worked on desensitizing her on storms. Sister has some storm anxiety but if she is in her XXL kennel will settle. If you are at home and a storm rolls up…just put her in place with her place command and she will lay down and you won’t hear a peep!
Did we say how incredibly smart this girl is?? She is food motivated and would be great with a family that would want to continue training and keep her mind stimulated! Her trainer had a 5 month old and she was great with them…even gave her sweet kisses! Poppy rides great in the car, house trained and good on leash.
Poppy is up to date on all vaccines, spayed and has had her stomach tacked to prevent gastric torsion.
You see when you adopt a new dog they need DECOMPRESSION time! Her new home had visitors almost immediately and lots of neighborhood kids in and out and that stressed her. She never properly got to decompress and bond and feel safe with her new family. So…she developed some guarding behaviors. She came back and is now being fostered with her trainer and he will work with and provide training to a new adopter.
This is what Poppy needs:
1. No other dogs IN the home. She can be TOTALLY fine in public with other dogs.
2. Kids 12 yrs+
3. Fenced Yard
4. Dog savvy owner that is CONFIDENT and provide structure for Poppy
SHE IS AMAZING ! She is sweet and affectionate but if she is with an owner that is a push over and not confident she will feel the need to guard. She is house and crate trained and loves to go for rides.
If interested in Poppy send us an email at



Maya - Sanctuary Pup
Maya has been one of our long term complex medical cases. When Maya initially came to the rescue, she had a long term history of urinary incontinence since she was about 6 months old. She spent a majority of her life wearing diapers. Because of this, Maya went through at least 3 different homes before age 2 and a half before coming to GDFRL. We hoped that Maya’s issues were uti’s that would be fixed by repairing her hooded vulva, but it was found that she had a lot more going on. Maya was urinating blood and incredibly uncomfortable, although you wouldn’t have known it based on her happy go lucky demeanor. Maya came to us with a rare form of bacteria that caused a condition called Encrusting Cystitis. This bacteria was essentially a superbug that formed infection so severe, it caused plaques and “masses” throughout her urinary tract. Upon initial ultrasound, it was believed that she had bladder cancer, but after undergoing a cystoscopy procedure, they determined that it was caused by a potentially fatal infection. The infection spread to over 70% of her urinary tract which can be fatal, but thankfully, GDFRL stepped in and got her the intensive care she needed at NC state. Maya has since undergone multiple cystoscopies to scrape out the bacteria and perform multiple antibiotic infusions directly into her bladder. She has also had her hooded vulva repaired to help reduce her recurring UTIs. In addition, she had a major surgery to re-route her urinary tract that was likely formed abnormally before birth and was contributing to bacteria overgrowth. While Maya still struggles with recurring UTIs, she is now monitored very closely with regular urine cultures and trips to NCSU. She still leaks urine occasionally but has graduated from doggy diapers! Maya is the true definition of a trooper, as she has handled numerous surgeries and procedures, yet still remains a favorite (and VIP) by all of her vet staff. While she may face a lot of medical battles, she is a spunky young girl who loves to play fetch with her two-legged foster siblings, take walks, and wrestle (always gently) with her 15 lb foster fur-brother.

Help Us Help Maya

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