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Gus is a ~seven month old Dane who came in very underweight and is now living his best toddler-teen Dane life.

Full of energy and mischief, he is doing his best to learn boundaries and be a polite leash walker. He is crate trained and while he does do well out and about and takes redirection well, he’s also very agile and delights in squirming into exactly the places he shouldn’t be in so continued training, awareness and ability to keep him in a safe place while you are gone (crating or otherwise) is a must. He is a roughhouser and loves wrestling with his doggie foster siblings and playing with toys. He would do well with other dogs, or as an only dog in a home able to dedicate time to expending his high puppy energy!

Due to his rambunctious nature and rough and tumble large puppy energy, he would do best in a home with no children or older children/teens. He is very sweet and cuddly in between bursts of energy, and his quick learning is serving him well as he grows. He will be (and already is) a magnificent dog!

**Giant breed experience required and a fenced yard.

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