Lego is a 6 yr old neutered male Dane that came to us as an owner surrender after a divorce. Lego is good with other dogs but he gets VERY excited meeting on leash. He needs slow intros and he is fine. He is house and crate trained and rides great in the car. Although great in a crate he is trustworthy outside of a crate alone as well.

Lego is also great with kids and lived with 2 his whole life. He loves to play tug of war over chasing balls…but he does like those too! He gives awesome hugs by putting his head on your shoulder and pulling you to him. He is a big lover and very affectionate!

Lego is a silly boy that will chase the geese as they fly over the yard to the fence as they head toward the pond nearby. Loves to roll in the grass. He knows sit, stay, place, down and come – still stubborn sometimes about responding to commands but he knows them and will do them! He also will give you his paw for a treat 🙂 

His foster is working on leash manners with him so he can do better meeting dogs on walks. Once he sees someone or a dog he goes into super excitement mode and he’s a big boy at 170 lbs! So constant leash work will be a must.

Lego will need a confident owner with Giant breed experience and a fenced yard. Lego could be fine as an only dog or in a home with a confident female that can match his energy and play level. He LOVES to play but can get rough at times. If interested in adopting Lego you can email us at for an application.


Athena great dane for adoption

Athena is an 8-year-old female Dane. She came to the rescue when her parents separated and they no longer had space to care for her. Athena is house and leash trained but will pull a bit if something catches her interest. She is easily redirected verbally and continues on her merry way.
She is currently living with two younger dogs. She enjoys running around the yard with them and will correct them if their play becomes too enthusiastic. There are also two cats in her foster home, and after some initial curiosity, she has decided they are not very interesting.

Athena enjoys squeaky toys and playing fetch. She knows basic commands like sit, down, and shake. She sleeps through the night on a dog bed in the master bedroom. She is eating in the same room with the other dogs and has not shown any food aggression. She is a slow and dainty eater, as you would expect of a dignified senior lady.

She loves attention and giving kisses.
She has a large, benign lipoma on her neck. It does not seem to bother her or cause her any discomfort. The vet feels due to her age and the location of the lipoma that it is too risky to remove. Otherwise, Athena is in excellent health for her age. Vision and hearing are normal, and she moves well without any stiffness.


Rosie is a 8 month old Boxer/Mastiff for adoption

Meet Rosie!
Rosie is an 8-month-old Boxer/Mastiff mix who was surrendered because her family was having a baby. Although she has been around kids and is good with them they felt her puppy energy would be too much for a newborn. Rosie is a fantastic girl that is GREAT with dogs of all sizes and cats. In her foster home, there are 4 other dogs and 2 cats. She is house trained and crate trained. She loves to play and give kisses. Full-grown she will probably be about 75-80 lbs. She is up to date on all her vaccines and will be spayed soon. She would do best in a home with a play buddy and a family that is active. She is working on basic obedience in her foster home and doing very well! She is just a fantastic girl that is looking for a home to call her own!
Rosie is being fostered in Mooresville NC and will require another active dog in the home and a fenced yard.


Hi! My name is Cleo. I’m somewhere around 4-5 years old. We aren’t really sure because somehow I ended up in the woods out in the country. A nice farmer saw me eating her trash, and she decided to feed me and let me sleep on her porch. I lived on her porch for about a year. It was so nice having a porch to sleep on, but the thing is, I hate thunderstorms. And one night during a really bad one, I got so excited I accidentally scratched up the doorframe. I just really wanted to go inside where I felt safe. Mr. Farmer didn’t like that I scratched up the door frame so he told Mrs. Farmer she had to find a new home for me.

A fun family with three little kids came to my rescue. They are the best. I just love going on walks and hikes with them. They have another dog about my size named Ralph, and we have a great time chasing each other and battling for big sticks. The thing is, as much as I love little kids, I just can’t seem to get used to them. I like giving them kisses, but their big energy and little hands make me feel uneasy. I would probably be OK with kids 12 yrs and older . I sure am going to be sad leaving my new family. They have reminded me how wonderful it is to be a house dog again.

I am looking for someone who will love me the rest of my years. I’m kind of an older girl who’s ready to settle down. Walks are my favorite, but I need someone experienced with big dogs who can continue to leash train me. I feel most comfortable lounging around the house when you’re gone but I love to play outside too!

Do you think you could be my forever owner?


** Available for adoption soon **
Meet Emma. What a beauty! And she has more than just good looks going for her… she is a total sweetheart and such a good girl––inside of the house and out! At 6 years old, Emma is a perfect mix of playful and cuddly. She loves squeaky toys, but she is happy to share them with you, especially if that means a short game of fetch or low-speed chase (she rarely gets above a “trot” inside the house).

More often than not, Emma can be found cuddled up in her bed with her current favorite toy. She is a very mellow girl––a true “velcro” Dane––and she loves to give and receive affection. Emma is completely house and crate trained, and she is really good at avoiding potential household trouble. No counter-surfing or trash-can diving for this girl, even when there are temptations. She responds well to basic commands and is even learning some new ones! Emma loves going for walks and she’s great on leash.

Although she is currently being fostered in a house with no other animals, she has been fine with other dogs (big and small) while on walks. Emma came in as an owner-surrender and she is really thriving in foster care. She is happy and healthy, but with all the change, she is a bit unsure of new people––especially when they come inside the house (she can get a little barky). Her foster parents are helping Emma work on her manners with guests. Emma is an absolute joy and a wonderful companion. She is a very sweet, very special girl with a lot of love to give. (Emma asked me to add that she would like a forever family who will give her chest rubs. And new squeaky toys.)