Welcome Fred!

Fred is a 7-month-old male Dane pup that came to us from a local rural shelter. He is a super sweet boy and he is learning some basic manners in his foster home as well as potty training. He is great with other dogs…cats are unknown. He’s a silly goofy puppy looking for his forever home! A fenced yard is required as well as previous giant breed experience. Kids 7+ and older. If interested in adopting you can email us at

Fred is being fostered in Cary NC


Sawyer is a super sweet, 6-year-old boy who will keep you laughing! This big boy has tons of love to give and has never met a stranger! Do not let his age fool you, this boy LOVES to play. He will carry a ball around all day and insist you play fetch with him. He also loves stuffies and will play tug. This big goofy boy does get a little carried away and doesn’t know his size, so he might be best in a home without small kids.

Sawyer has done great in his foster home, no accidents! He will definitely tell you he needs to go out with a cute little bark. He saves all the big barks for anything he might see out of the window – nothing gets past Sawyer! He did great with intros to the resident dane. He could be good in a home with a cat but he definitely wants to play with them and will chase if given the opportunity. He does know to sit and will offer his paw for shake but we are still working on some leash skills.

Sawyer always wants to be where the people are and will follow any available human around the house making sure he doesn’t miss anything



Raven is a roughly 5-8 year old gal who was rescued from an outdoor living situation. We don’t know too much about her history, mostly just that she kept escaping to forage through neighbors trash because she was starving. A kind neighbor took her in and surrendered her to our rescue to help her find a perfect forever home.

She is a clumsy, extra Velcro gal, and will need help learning how to be secure and not be glued to your side every single moment or be stressed when you’re gone. But if you’re looking for a 120 lb lap pup to snuggle all the time and who will love you unconditionally- this is surely the girl for you! She hasn’t met a human yet that she doesn’t like, and enjoys being pet by both adults and respectful children. She is very focused on food due to her history and while she has gained weight and is feeling better, would do well with consistency in a feeding schedule and continuing to learn how to be gentle with treats. Bonus is that she is often motivated by kibble and various treats so learning commands and how to walk on leash is a slow but steady process!

Raven seems to get along fine with most dogs and just needs to be introduced appropriately and calmly to make sure she doesn’t view them as competition for your attention or for food. She’s being fostered with an older male dane who she really enjoys napping with and a young female dane mix who Raven wishes would stop trying to play with her. She would do just as well as an only dog and only asks that her future owner is someone who spends much of their time at home or has the ability to take Raven many places they go. Raven has not had a problem with knowing that outside is for potty, but she isn’t always sure how to ask to be let out and is still working on understanding what a doggie door is and not being fearful of it and other unpredictable objects/sounds. Raven is an incredibly sweet dog who just needs someone able to dedicate routine and structured time and attention to help her internalize that she is safe, well fed, and loved.

She was in heat when she first arrived so we have to wait a few more weeks to spay her and then once she is healed she will be ready for adoption!

Raven is being fostered in the Raleigh NC area. 


*Available for adoption soon

Meet Toby! Toby is a beautiful 15-month-old Dane that came to us as an owner surrender. He was the first Dane his family ever had and when their little kids would run and scream Toby would chase and nip. Toby thought it was all a big game chasing these screaming little ones but mom and dad were nervous because of his size and decided to surrender him.

Toby is an amazing boy and loves attention and affection. He is house and crate trained but he does need a 54 inch colossal crate as he HATED going in the crate his owners had because it was too small. He rides great in the car and he is very good about meeting new dogs and people and he actually REALLY likes the kids he has met so far. He knows sit and shake and would be great with another dog or as an only dog. He is also fine with cats. In his foster home he has been very relaxed and chill but also loves a good romp outside with the Newfie that he is being fostered with. He has met small and medium dogs as well and done great! Toby will require a fenced yard and to be safe no kids under 10 yrs old. He is being fostered in Mooresville NC. 


Lego is a 6 yr old neutered male Dane that came to us as an owner surrender after a divorce. Lego is good with other dogs but he gets VERY excited meeting on leash. He needs slow intros and he is fine. He is house and crate trained and rides great in the car. Although great in a crate he is trustworthy outside of a crate alone as well.

Lego is also great with kids and lived with 2 his whole life. He loves to play tug of war over chasing balls…but he does like those too! He gives awesome hugs by putting his head on your shoulder and pulling you to him. He is a big lover and very affectionate!

Lego is a silly boy that will chase the geese as they fly over the yard to the fence as they head toward the pond nearby. Loves to roll in the grass. He knows sit, stay, place, down and come – still stubborn sometimes about responding to commands but he knows them and will do them! He also will give you his paw for a treat 🙂 

His foster is working on leash manners with him so he can do better meeting dogs on walks. Once he sees someone or a dog he goes into super excitement mode and he’s a big boy at 170 lbs! So constant leash work will be a must.

Lego will need a confident owner with Giant breed experience and a fenced yard. Lego could be fine as an only dog or in a home with a confident female that can match his energy and play level. He LOVES to play but can get rough at times. If interested in adopting Lego you can email us at for an application.


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