Female Great Dane for adoption.

Lila is an approx. 1.5 year old black female who came into rescue with other Danes as an owner surrender. She was timid with no self confidence, very skinny with multiple cuts and scrapes to her legs, and her ears looked chewed on with heavy scarring. Shortly after arrival to her foster home, she developed diarrhea. Through meds and dietary diligence, the diarrhea has resolved. Her digestive system remains very sensitive. She also developed cellulitis and yeast in both ears. This, too, has been resolved. Through all her physical challenges she has stayed sweet and anxious to please. She is finally gaining weight and her coat is glossy. Hopefully in a couple weeks she will be able to get her spay.

Lila has a sunny personality, a happy girl. She gets along well with the two males she lives with (a Dane and a retriever mix). She has discovered toys and likes to groom her stuffies. She is very food-focused, but there is no resource guarding or aggression. She takes treats gently; she is very soft-mouthed. She does counter surf, though, given the chance.

We are still working on her self-confidence. She views new people/situations with fear but once she figures out she’s OK, she is friendly and affectionate. She walks well on leash, rides well restrained in the car. Unrestrained she would like to help drive. She knows “sit”,”lie down” and we’re still working on “stay”. Lila is reliable in the house. She is crate trained, but doesn’t like it, and she can be an escape artist.

Lila will most likely do best with another canine companion or someone who is home a lot of the time.

Mooch & Renny

Meet Mooch and Renny!  This pair of seniors came to us as an owner surrender and a very sad story.  Their family was moving from GA to NC when the husband passed away.  The dogs were his, and the wife couldn’t handle them.  So they have gone through so much stress and change in the last several weeks.  
They are a bonded pair, but we had no fosters that could take them both. We reached out to other rescues for help, but of course, everyone is overflowing.  We couldn’t not take them as they were living outside, and that is NOT where any Dane needs to be, much less seniors.  
They are doing well in their foster homes, but it would be so awesome if we could find an adopter that could adopt both of them so they could be reunited.  Mooch is 5 years old, and Renny is 6.  Both are a tad bit overweight but otherwise in good shape!  Renny has been spayed, but we need to get Mooch neutered .  
They are good with other dogs and have lived with kids.  Cats are unknown at this time.  They are also great in the house!
If you’d like a double-dose of Dane love with a pair who are already bonded, please apply to adopt them! We’d LOVE to see these two reunited, especially after losing their human family so tragically.


Sophia is 2 years old.  She needs to gain some weight and has just gotten over pneumonia.  We picked her up at a local shelter where the owner dumped her. Sophia is a silly, sweet girl who LOVES to give kisses!  Her foster mom calls her Lizzie because she is like a lizard going around stealing kisses when she can!

She is good with other dogs and is doing great in foster care with her foster fur sister Smokey. She rides great in the car and loves to run and get the zoomies outside! She also is good with kids. She needs to gain some weight before she can be spayed safely, but when she does and that is taken care of she will be ready for her forever home!


Pluto is a 160-lb male Great Dane. He’s 8 1/2 years young and has a beautiful Blue Merle coat. He is your typical Velcro Dane: always wants to be near you and touching you. He just wants to be around people and have his head and face rubbed. He loves every person he meets, and everybody instantly falls in love with him. Pluto is house trained, walks well on the leash, knows a few commands, doesn’t get into anything or chew anything. He is trusted to have free-roam of the house!

His first home dropped him at a shelter last year when they could “no longer take care of him”. Whatever that means. A wonderful couple adopted him last spring (2018) and things were great, until their younger dog started to have issues with Pluto. Probably due to the fact that 3 male dogs competed for ‘alpha’ in one house, stress was a little high for the dogs. The final straw was when Pluto was attacked, resulting in several staples down his neck. As hard as it was, his family decided to find a new home for Pluto where he could relax and enjoy his senior days. They really wanted the best for him, and that’s when they found GDFRL!

Pluto is in a foster home now with a 3 year old female Great Dane who is very calm and patient with him, as he learns that not all dogs want to attack him. Since his most recent incident, it’s understandable he is a little wary of other dogs, but he is gaining trust back every day. He would do best in a home with another calm dog or cat. Just yesterday he played tug-of-war with his foster sister and loved it! He also enjoys keep-away, and especially LOVES walks!!  His favorite spot is looking outside the front windows and watching for squirrels and people walking by. He and his foster sister make a great security system – as they’ll let you know if someone is nearby (or if leaves blow in the wind haha).

Pluto is on some medicine and supplements for arthritis in his hips and knees. When he was first rescued from the shelter last year, Pluto was about 30-lbs over weight which definitely contributed to his joint pain. He is now at a healthy weight and quite mobile for a senior! He loves walks, but will drag his back feet and slip often. That was until his foster family bought him some new shoes for his back paws! These keep him from slipping and protect from dragging feet. Since wearing them he is a brand new dog!!  Much more mobile, playful, and confident. He wears them all day and doesn’t mind them at all. Stairs can be a challenge for arthritic dogs, though, so either no stairs or carpeted stairs are a must.

He is such a sweet, sweet boy who just wants a calm place to lay by his family and chew on his favorite blanky. He is eager to please, just wants to be near you, and has so much love to give!


Bubba is a 15 month old energetic Dane mix puppy. He came into the rescue through a shelter in South Carolina. He really loves to play and run. He gets along with other dogs and cats. He is crate trained and house broken and loves to be around people.
He is starting obedience class so he should make the perfect addition to someone’s family. Right now he is a little too energetic for small children, but we are working on that.


Lacey is a beautiful 9 year old Great Dane/ Lab mix.  Her previous owners rescued her from a shelter at 5 years old but then were unable to keep her once they had a child.

Lacey is doing great in her foster home with other dogs & cats. She is such a happy & excited dog for her age. She was so happy all the time that she had chronic “Happy Tail”.  Unfortunately, due to the long time damage & infection to her tail, it had to be removed. Now Lacey is still happy but shows it with her wiggly nub.  Lacey is house broken & crate trained.

Even though Lacey has had a rough life, she loves everyone she comes across. She is an older girl, but her spirit shows that she has many more years of love to give❤️


Duchess is a 9 year old love bug that wants to sleep on the sofa and cuddle with you! She still has a bit of spunk and spring in her step as she likes short-spurted romps around the yard!  

She is house- and crate-trained, good with older kids and decent on a leash. She doesn’t require long walks but appreciates a neighborhood stroll here and there. She loves going for car rides especially when she can have her head on your shoulder.

She is happy, safe and well-behaved in the house therefore free roam is fine. Duchess would do best in a home with no stairs and floors that are carpeted as she isn’t fond of bare floors. Duchess prefers a quiet and calm environment without small dogs as they make her anxious. She would do best with large dogs that are laid back and submissive as she prefers to be the dominant one. She is also a snorer!

As said if you are looking for a partner to watch Netflix and chill (like really chill out) Duchess would be a great companion. 

Duchess lives up to her name and is looking for a kingdom.

*Duchess had to have emergency surgery due to bloat. She is fully-recovered and completely ready for her forever home! For more information or to donate to help with her veterinary expenses, check out our Medical Fund.