Maeve is a beautiful young blue Dane. She is around 2 years old but acts like a puppy still. She is very playful & sweet & loves people. She loves playing with toys & balls. She will even play fetch for a short time with a ball.

Maeve acts like an only child with her toys & will even play games by herself with her nylabone. Maeve’s previous owner was unable to care for her due to health issues, so she was bounced around to another home that was able to care for her until the rescue could take her. She is now in a foster home with other dogs & cats.

She is a dominant female that doesn’t like to share her toys and does have some resource guarding with her food bowl towards other animals but not towards people. Maeve is crate-trained and house broken. Since Maeve has been moved around a lot she does have some separation anxiety but is getting better and as she feels more secure in her home and environment should subside.

Like most Danes she is a sweet Velcro Dane❤️ She is happy to be by your side 24/7 and loves to just lay her head on your chest for hugs all the time❤️ Maeve is being fostered in Asheville NC. If interested in Maeve email us at Maeve is UTD on all vetting, spayed, and has had her stomach tacked.


My name is Ollie, and I am looking for my forever family…

I’m only about 8 months old, and I’m probably a Dane mix because I’m small for my age… whatever that means. I only weigh about 75 lbs. and I think I’m perfectly lap-sized! My foster mom tells me that good things come in small packages (that must be true because treats come in small packages).

Don’t let my sad eyes fool you. I’m one happy pup! I love to play and go for walks (I’m always in search of the perfect stick), and then I like to come home and curl up on the sofa with my people. I will take as much affection as you can dish out, and my absolute favorite thing (other than treats) is a belly rub. Did I mention I like treats? My foster dad says I am good on a leash, and he is teaching me to “heel.” He says I’m very smart, I learn quickly, and I’m eager to please.

I already know “sit” and “down.” Well, most of the time. I’m learning a lot of new things right now, so sometimes I forget. I also know “no” (I hear that one a lot, especially when I get really excited and want to jump on my people-friends). My foster parents say that my manners are getting better every day, though.
My foster mom tells me that I’m really good in the house. I don’t have accidents, and I don’t “counter surf” or “dumpster dive” (I don’t even know what those things are).

I like my crate; it’s where I sleep and it’s where I go when my foster mom tells me it’s time to chill out. Even though I’m a puppy, I don’t chew on furniture or shoes, but I do love “helping” people put on their socks! It’s one of my favorite games. I also like to chew on hands and arms (they taste so good!), but foster mom says I can’t and I’m learning to chew on my toys instead. I love ropes and chew toys and furry things that squeak (and that have stuffing I can rip out).
I’m still learning how to be what my foster mom calls a “gentleman” and I can get pretty excited sometimes, so I probably would not do well in a house with small children. An adult-only household (or one with teenage kids) might be best, as I’ll need consistent training and some discipline until I find my grown-up groove.

I’m currently in a house with no other animals, but I am really interested in meeting new dog friends. Let’s be clear: cats are for chasing. Meeting new people is still a little scary for me (I was a stray and had a really tough time adjusting to life in a shelter). I can get a little defensive and bark when I meet someone new, but all it takes is a treat and a few kind words to win me over. Once we’ve bonded, I am devoted to you. I just want to be where you are, give you kisses, and get some love in return.


Ellie is a four-year-old, merle female who is nothing but happy and bouncy. She is a very long-legged slim lady. She is crate trained but not thrilled about it but is also fine with free roam, no counter surfing or trash diving here. She loves to chase her ball, but a retriever, she is not. She also likes to throw around her stuffed snake and hedgehog. She is good in the car once she settles down.

She does need a little more leash training since her foster mom messed up her hip, and has not been able to take long walks, but she is a smart girl and a pleaser, so she will learn fast. Honestly, she is happiest on the sofa curled up next to you. Ellie is not afraid of storms, sirens, or fireworks. Due to her bounciness, her ideal home would have older kids. Ellie has a great time at doggie daycare with her friends and loves to play.

She is a little shy meeting people, so it is best to let her approach you and check you out rather than you come to her. She loves watching folks and their dogs walk past the house. Sometimes I talk back… but I am not a fence jumper. Ellie is spayed and up to date on all vetting, and ready for her forever home! She is being fostered in Greenville SC.


Mildred Rose (Millie) is a 6-7yr old petite lady, around 100lbs. She is slowly gaining a few pounds, with a mix of kibble and wet food. Millie’s not motivated by food (yet).

She is gaining confidence each day but noises and new experiences startle her. She looks to her foster brother for guidance, so should probably do best in a home with a canine companion. Mille enjoys being close to her foster brother or her foster mom and does best with men who let her come to them. Unsure of how she would do with young children or an active/busy home.

She is crate trained and goes in willingly at bedtime and when her human isn’t home (her foster brother is in the room with her). Never had an accident in the house. Her foster mom works from home so not sure how she would do being left for long periods of time. She is starting to enjoy chewing on a bone and playing with a squeaky toy.

She jumps like a kangaroo when she wants to go in or outside and has a spring in her step now that she’s a bit more comfortable in her environment. Millie is a little nervous at first, but is a great car rider. More updates to come as she is exposed to more experiences and gains confidence.


Lenny boy has been with us a couple of weeks now and is finally getting settled! He was picked up as a stray and was at a local shelter.

He is beautiful and steals all the attention from his foster sister on our walks. Lenny is great on the leash, pulls a little but working on it each day. He knows sit, down, paw and is great in his crate. He will also sleep in as late as you want, he is also potty trained and hasn’t had a single accident inside.

Lenny LOVES to be outside and would do well with a family who has a nice big yard for him to run and play or just meander outside. He will walk for days if you would let him and always has the biggest smile when he’s outside.

As he is a big boy, he would probably do best with a family who has older kids, he likes to play and we are working on being a little bit more gentle as he doesn’t know how big he is! Lenny will likely need to be fed separated from his siblings as he likes to eat his food and anyone else’s that he can see and not a fan of sharing! He likes to “talk” if he can see his foster sibling so he has his own separate space where he can eat without her and he’s great.

He is good with other dogs, but will need a slow intro as it seems he’s been on his own for a while. But warms up perfectly fine with a little time. Cats are still unknown but he hasn’t shown much of a prey drive to squirrels or bunnies that he’s seen. Lenny is 3 years old and already neutered. He is being fostered in Charlotte NC. If interested in applying to adopt Lenny shoot us an email to

We will require that if there are kids in the home they must be 12+ yrs.



Iris is a sweet 8 mo old puppy. She is very gentle but is still just a baby so she can get a little over-excited at times and needs positive redirection on being gentle when playing with her smaller foster siblings. She is very curious and still needs supervision at all times if she is not in her crate. She is very food motivated and will help herself to whatever she can access if not being watched.

Iris is very smart and knows how to open the pantry doors and help herself…yep she’s a smart one! She was underweight when she first arrived and is now up to 75lbs.

Iris will need to eat in her crate or separate from any other pets as she is not fond of sharing her food. She walks well on a leash and knows how to sit and shake. She loves to play with toys and balls. She also has a fascination with stealing socks and chewing on them so you will need to pick those socks up! She likes to eat ice cubes and loves her whimsies and biscuits.

Iris currently has another dane puppy and 3 smaller dogs to play with and loves to get them to chase her. She definitely would benefit from a home with another larger dog for companionship. She does not like to be alone but is ok as long as there is another dog present. When she is not being curious and is ready to settle down, she turns into a big baby who just wants to be touching and cuddling up to you. She came from a home with teenagers and loves the 15 yr old son in her foster home. There are no small children in her foster home, but she seems to be fascinated by them and wants to go up to them when out in public. She is a super sweet, smart girl looking for her forever home! Previous giant breed experience is required as well as a fenced yard.

She is being fostered i Fort Mill SC. 



Hank is a ~17-month-old male Great Dane. Happy Hank is 113 pounds of puppy love. Hank spent much of his puppyhood crated because of a fractured and dislocated hip and now with his hip replacement he is embracing life and exploring the world with vigor. Hank is fortunate to be part of Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love Rescue where he received first-rate medical care for his infections, heartworm, and hip. Hank is happy, healthy, and hopeful.

Hank will flourish in a home with an experienced large, breed dog owner who has time to devote to him. In his new home, he will need a family who is willing to work with him on his training, leash manners, and socialization – things that he was unable to work on during his puppyhood.

Since Hank has regain his mobility and will no longer require further medical intervention, he is a spirited fella who needs to be exposed to new environments and sounds. Everything is new and sometimes a bit intimidating for Hank, but he is a faster learner, and his foster parents are walking him daily to increase his confidence. While Hank is currently not neutered, he will be scheduled for neutering in February.

Hank is a goofy boy who still has puppy energy and is sometimes unaware of his large body, so we recommend a house with children 8+ who are comfortable with giant dogs. He has lived with other dogs and cats but Hank lacks confidence with other dogs and has been known to chase cats. For this reason, we think Hank will do best in an active household without other pets, so he can get plenty of attention.

Hank is perfectly potty trained and trustworthy to free-roam in the house without worry of being destructive. He is also willing to hang out in his crate and wait for you to return home. Some of Hank’s favorite activities include hang out with you in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner, snooze on the couch while you’re watching TV, or playing with toys while you work from home. At night, he will happily sleep in a dog bed at the foot of your bed. Hank rides great in the car and does well at the vet, making all the staff fall in love with his sweet puppy eyes and forehead uni-wrinkle. Hank is looking for his humans to love and to lean on…literally lean on, sit on, and love on.



Bailey or “puppy Bailey” as we call her is four months old and weighs just under 50 pounds. This confident girl loves to go for car rides, adventures to new places, and most of cuddle with her people. She can be independent, but if you sit down, you will find a part of her body touching you. She is doing well with house-training and will continue as long as her new family supervises her and keeps to a routine. Bailey lives with three dogs (two 5-6 year old males, and a one year old female.). She is playful and brave with other dogs, mostly respecting their limits and can be redirected to toys if she is bothering her doggie siblings. She also lives with a dog-savvy kitty and will chase, but not hurt him.

Bailey’s foster family thinks the world of her and secretly schemes ways to keep her longer, but we know that is selfish and it’s time for her forever family to enjoy her puppy antics.

She is a typical Dane puppy going through periods of clumsiness, but right now she’s discovered a higher gear and can be seen a couple of times a day galloping at full speed around the backyard. She is a normal puppy and can be a “baby shark” at times, but is easily redirected to a chew toy, one of her favorites is a benebone.

Bailey will settle in a crate and we continue to reward calm crate behavior though her favorite place is on a dog bed near her people or if you will let her – sleeping right beside you on the couch or bed.

Bailey has learned with positive reinforcement training, loves treats, and is eager to learn new cues. She loves to go for short age-appropriate walks and is always ready to learn something new.

**A fenced yard and previous giant breed experience are required.

Bailey is being fostered in Raleigh NC


Lego is a 6 yr old neutered male Dane that came to us as an owner surrender after a divorce. Lego is good with other dogs but he gets VERY excited meeting on leash. He needs slow intros and he is fine. He is house and crate trained and rides great in the car. Although great in a crate he is trustworthy outside of a crate alone as well.

Lego is also great with kids and lived with 2 his whole life. He loves to play tug of war over chasing balls…but he does like those too! He gives awesome hugs by putting his head on your shoulder and pulling you to him. He is a big lover and very affectionate!

Lego is a silly boy that will chase the geese as they fly over the yard to the fence as they head toward the pond nearby. Loves to roll in the grass. He knows sit, stay, place, down and come – still stubborn sometimes about responding to commands but he knows them and will do them! He also will give you his paw for a treat 🙂 

His foster is working on leash manners with him so he can do better meeting dogs on walks. Once he sees someone or a dog he goes into super excitement mode and he’s a big boy at 170 lbs! So constant leash work will be a must.

Lego will need a confident owner with Giant breed experience and a fenced yard. Lego could be fine as an only dog or in a home with a confident female that can match his energy and play level. He LOVES to play but can get rough at times. If interested in adopting Lego you can email us at for an application.


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