Medical Fund

With no in-person fundraising events due to COVID, your support is needed more than ever.

You enable us to give all the extra veterinary care that is needed to dogs who need medical treatments or who have medical emergencies. Donations are tax-deductible.

Peter Needs Your Help!

Peter…aka Peter Rabbit because of how he hops, is in need of a total hip replacement!

He was surrendered when his owner couldn’t care for him anymore. He has a dislocated hip and looks to have some trauma as well and needs a total hip. This poor baby is just 11 months old and his surgeon wants his growth plates to close more so his surgery will be in September but WE NEED YOU NOW!!!

We have already spent $2,600 and his surgery will be $6,000 – 7,000. His bills so far are from his initial vet visit where sadly we also found out he has heart worms and had an infected salivary gland. He has started treatment for the heart worms and his infection has cleared. He also had to have a specific set of x rays to determine the surgery plan and 2 consults with orthopedic surgeons. Since Peter isn’t using that leg much he has muscle atrophy. So the surgeon has recommended water therapy to build that back up so once he does have surgery he will be better able to support himself and heal. His rehab and PT consult were $600 alone! But…this is the sweetest boy ever and we are going to fix him and find him a wonderful forever home!



6 Heartworm Cases at Once!

Can you help us? Heartworms are very common in this part of the country, and we are used to having heartworm-positive dogs come into our rescue. It’s frustrating how often it happens given how easy it is to prevent—and how deadly the consequences. Right now, we have six Danes who all have heartworms at once. They came from different places, but all were surrendered to us by their previous owners.

There are two options for treatment to kill off the heartworms—a “fast kill” method which is cheaper, but carries higher risk of death for the dog, and a “slow kill” method, which costs more and takes longer, but is a gentler process with less risk of pulmonary embolism. We always choose the gentler treatment. 

COVID has put a big strain on our fundraising. Spring and summer are usually our best seasons for in-person events and donations. With all events canceled, we could use your support more than ever!

Cost:  $600 x 6 = 3600


With us, he will have Sanctuary care for all his days.

Eddie has Wobblers Syndrome and is a Sanctuary Dane with Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love . “Sanctuary Dane” is a term for ‘forever’ foster dogs. This means that we know their conditions will likely prevent adoption, and we will continue to care for them  for their whole lives. GDFRL will take on all of Eddie’s medical expenses.

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Eddie is 2 yrs old. In his first week with our rescue, we spent $2500 on his diagnosis and medical care, and we appreciate the love and support from our community with donations during his first weeks with us. He was on anti-inflammatories for the first 3 months and now is doing well on maintenance care. We are going to explore possibly getting him Gold Bead implants when he’s older, per his vet’s recommendation.

The monthly maintenance routines to keep our happy boy moving around the best he can includes both cold laser therapy and acupuncture treatments at $55 each, Assisi Loop, NSAID prescriptions, joint supplements including 4000mg per day of fish oil, as well as other supplements. He is doing very well with treatments and has improved mobility! Eddie can even do short hikes now!

This boy is such a sweet, loving soul who just exemplifyies everything we love about Great Dane personalities. Loving, goofy, playful, cuddly…to us, he is perfect.

Thank you to everyone that has already donated to Eddie’s care and to anyone that has shared his story. Social media works!

Monthly Cost:  $500/mo

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