Medical Fund

Your support saves lives.

You enable us to give all the extra veterinary care that is needed to Great Danes and other dogs who might otherwise be overlooked because they need medical treatments or who have medical emergencies. Donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for supporting rescue!


Eddie has Wobblers Syndrome and will become a Sanctuary Dane through Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love . “Sanctuary Dane” is a term for ‘forever’ fosters that the group takes on. This means that we know his condition will likely prevent adoption, and we will continue to watch over and love on Eddie for his whole life. GDFRL will take on all of Eddie’s medical expenses.

In his first week with our rescue, we spent $2500 on his diagnosis and medical care, but with love and support from our community with donations, he will continue to be a happy and healthy boy for as long as possible.

Eddie is on anti-inflammatories for the first 3 months. Then, we are going to explore possibly getting him Gold Bead implants since he is not a surgical candidate due to the several lesions on his spine and how spread out they are.

His monthly maintenance routine to keep him happy and moving around the best he can currently includes both cold laser and acupuncture treatments at $55 each, an NSAID, joint supplements including 4000mg per day of fish oil, as well as other supplements.

Thank you to everyone that has already donated to his care and to anyone that has shared his story. Social media works! And you’re all awesome for the support we have already received.

Cost: $2500 for initial treatment and diagnosis + $500/mo



Our sweet senior girl, Duchess, had to have emergency surgery on Sept. 23 when she bloated. Danes are perhaps the breed most prone to bloating. Thanks to her foster parent knowing what signs to look for, she was rushed to the emergency vet and had a successful surgery. She developed some aspiration pneumonia, but that was caught early. She was treated during her hospitalization and made a great recovery. She is now back in her foster home and doing very well!

Because she’s not a youngster, Duchess is still waiting for her forever home, but she’s fully recovered and ready!

The emergency surgery, pneumonia treatment, and hospitalization cost nearly $3000. We are appreciative of donations of any amount to help offset these expenses.

Estimated cost: $3000


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