Why Adopt?

Adoption is a wonderful and compassionate decision! Bringing any rescued pet into your family helps reduce the number of animals who are euthanized, neglected, or unwanted. It is also a way to get a new pet without financially contributing to the horrendous conditions of puppy mills or the sometimes irresponsible tactics and care of back-yard breeders. Adoption gives stability and love to a pet that may have never known them before.

Our Adoption Requirements

  • We require a fenced yard. (Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis, typically when there are extenuating circumstances that prevent physical fencing. NO exceptions for puppies or deaf/vision impaired dogs.)
  • That all other animals in the home be up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered.
  • That all dogs live inside the home as a part of the family.


Our approval process consists of an application, vet and reference checks, phone interview and house check. Please email us for an application or if you have any questions.

Our Rescue & Adoption Process

  1. 1

    Our process starts when we first hear about a Dane in need. We do an initial evaluation of their temperament before they are transported into a foster home. Dogs in stressful situations, like shelter environments, may alter their behavior out of fear, but this helps us have an idea of who the dog is.

  2. 2

    In a foster home, the dogs get a quiet place to settle into the new way of life. Introductions to other dogs are usually slow and planned. They learn to be part of a family, and we learn how they are with other people and animals. If any issues arise, we work to address them with training.

  3. 3

    The first vet visit sometimes happens before a rescued dog even goes to a foster home, and sometimes it comes a few days after depending on the dog’s needs. Additional visits are based on vet recommendations.

  4. 4

    We have adoption requirements in place. (They are the same requirements that fosters must meet.) These exist to help us reduce the number of times Danes are returned to rescue by setting particular goals and finding a perfect match for the dog’s needs and the family’s individual dynamic.

  5. 5

    We provide support. We have a number of documents of information that we provide potential adopters, and we strive to continue to be a resource to help you and your new Dane adapt to life together. We have decades of combined experience that we are happy to share.

Adoption Fees for Rescue Dogs

0-5 years old:

6+ years old:



Our Average Expense per Dog: $550

Why Do Rescues Have Higher Adoption Fees Than Shelters?

This is a common question for many rescues. Responsible rescues usually take on more expense in vet bills than they ever recover with adoption fees. They should tend to the medical needs of a pet before they are adopted. This is for transparency with adopters–so they know of any pre-existing conditions –and for the benefit of the pet. Needed treatments or surgeries are done, vaccines and heartworm prevention are current, etc. With the full picture of a dog’s health status, we are setting them up for success down the road.

If one of our Great Danes requires extra care, they get it.

All dogs deserve to be cared for and comfortable.

Did You Know?

Nearly half of all adult dogs rescued in NC and SC have heartworms that need to be treated.

Q: How should I introduce my other dog(s) to my new Dane?

A: Introducing a new dog to the existing dogs should always be on neutral territory. Most dogs settle things on the walk. Walk at distance, and on each pass go closer. They will be much more successful when given the time to greet calmly than in the full throes of excitement!

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