Meet Poppy!


Meet Poppy! Poppy is a 3 year old Dane that was at a local surrender as a stray. We don’t have a lot of info on her previous life but we do know she has had several litters. Poppy evaluated well at the shelter but sometimes in a shelter environment you don’t always get a good read on a dog because they are stressed. Now…don’t take that wrong…she is an amazingly sweet sweet girl! But… she is not so great with other dogs IN the home. She can go out in public and be around other dogs with a confident owner that is good at reading her signals if she is stressed. She doesn’t bark or lunge or any of that nonsense unless she is with a “soft” owner and one where she feels they are not in control or confident. But… if a dog invades her space or their energy is too much she will let them know and fire off.
Poppy LOVES her people and wants to be as close as she can. She is a first class cuddler! You need to keep food off the counters because this girl came in hungry and even though she is now getting regular meals she can counter surf like a pro! Since Poppy was a little rough around the edges we sent this beauty off to training. While she was there they worked on her being able to be OK around other dogs in public and also worked on desensitizing her on storms. Sister has some storm anxiety but if she is in her XXL kennel will settle. If you are at home and a storm rolls up…just put her in place with her place command and she will lay down and you won’t hear a peep!
Did we say how incredibly smart this girl is?? She is food motivated and would be great with a family that would want to continue training and keep her mind stimulated! Her trainer had a 5 month old and she was great with them…even gave her sweet kisses! Poppy rides great in the car, house trained and good on leash.
Poppy is up to date on all vaccines, spayed and has had her stomach tacked to prevent gastric torsion.
You see when you adopt a new dog they need DECOMPRESSION time! Her new home had visitors almost immediately and lots of neighborhood kids in and out and that stressed her. She never properly got to decompress and bond and feel safe with her new family. So…she developed some guarding behaviors. She came back and is now being fostered with her trainer and he will work with and provide training to a new adopter.
This is what Poppy needs:
1. No other dogs IN the home. She can be TOTALLY fine in public with other dogs.
2. Kids 12 yrs+
3. Fenced Yard
4. Dog savvy owner that is CONFIDENT and provide structure for Poppy
SHE IS AMAZING ! She is sweet and affectionate but if she is with an owner that is a push over and not confident she will feel the need to guard. She is house and crate trained and loves to go for rides.
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