Meet Hercules!


Meet Hercules…
Hercules came to GDFRL as a stray from an animal shelter. Very little is known about his past but he has an amazing future. Hercules came to GDFRL about a month ago as an intact male and weighed only 97 pounds. He was infested with hookworms, had a double ear infection, a bacterial skin infection, a UTI, and a very uncooperative happy tail (IYKYK). Most of these are all common medical issues with dogs who have been on their own and had to fend for themselves. Over the next several weeks, all his medical issues were handled while steadily gaining weight and getting healthy. The only issues that remain are the happy tail and the neuter. When the neuter occurs his tail is going to be docked. Why? Because of his personality.
Hercules has obviously lived in a house with people and other dogs. He is excited to ride in a car and easily made the transition back into house living. He is good with other dogs but his true heart is being with people!! Hercules will ignore other dogs for any attention from any person, anywhere, at any time! He LOVES people, despite how badly people have failed him. He loves Everyone! He will rush over to get loves from any person that makes eye contact with him. Hercules loves people so much and is so happy that his tail never stops. And it is not your average tail wag. It is fully engaged and high speed. His hips don’t lie, because they wiggle too, and help his tail reach near supersonic speeds just about a half second before the tail impacts something. The wall, the kennel, the table, your leg, your head when you bend down to give him love…it is non-stop. Most dogs wag their tails in relation to how they feel. Hercules is crazy happy all the time, so his tail is flying so far and so fast that it hits his shoulders as it swings back and forth. However, the repeated damage requires the end of his tail be removed. Even after that, the tail wagging will continue and will likely rupture again. The end of his tail is granulated badly and is likely to never stop breaking open and bleeding. Docking his tail will relieve him of that for the remainder of his life and give him the freedom to wiggle those hips as much as he wants.
Hercules is approximately two years old. He still has sooo much puppy in him. He loves to run and play fetch and tug and all the things a dog his age is supposed to do. His favorite game is when two or three people are standing apart and they call him one at a time. He will run as fast as his awkward gate will take him (which is hilariously slow), to each in sequence until he gets too tired, or he sees something shiny and gets distracted. He is just as happy to be in your lap as running and playing. I mean, have you looked at that face? What he lacks in smarts he makes up for in sweetness. He needs a warning label that says he may cause diabetes due to sweetness overload.
Did I mention he loves people? Especially women. Although, there are some things that need work. Herc is as sweet as they come, however he came to us with little-to-no manners. Even at a mildly thin 115 pounds he is a bull! He is a very strong dog. When his foster parents got him, he would get to the end of his leash and apply 100% of his strength to pull where he wanted to go. However, with just a few minutes of training, and with the correct equipment, he quickly realized pulling was no longer an option. Herc also really likes food. This is normal for a dog that has nearly starved while on his own. We have put in place some behaviors that are required from him before he is allowed to eat. He has to sit and wait patiently in order to be fed. He is getting better with each day, but it’s hard for his one track mind to make his body sit still. Though he is not food aggressive and lets you mess with it, pick it up, and take it away. He will give you the sad baby eyes and a massive guilt trip, but that’s all. Herc is also a bit mouthy. Think of a small, three month old puppy that likes to put your fingers in his mouth and nibble. Now, replace that puppy with a 115 pound Dane with a massive head and jaw line. Commonly, your hand will completely disappear inside his mouth. He does not bite down, he will just hold your hand or arm for a second, and then let go. He only does it when he is really happy, like when you come home after being gone for a long time, which in his mind is walking to the mailbox or leaning out the door to pick up a package. We do not encourage this action and we do not acknowledge it, but it is part of his personality that may make some uncomfortable. Admittedly, it is a little unnerving when it happens the first time but his intent is not to harm, only to hold and express his love. It would still need to be either corrected or managed.
Herc is not athletic. He is not overly energetic either. He is an awkward clutz. Herc will need training for sure, but talk about a diamond in the rough. So, if you are looking for a young, very strong, bull headed, loving, always happy to see you, hand holding, arm nibbling, LOW MENTAL VOLTAGE, dufus of a best friend that, with guidance, will be a companion that will be able to go anywhere with you and do anything as long as he is by your side…… check out Hercules… (other acceptable names, “Bull”, “Dozer”, “Clem”, “Hey! Give Me My Hand Back” Etc..)..

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