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My name is Jack and I have been told I am quite handsome but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I am a one year old Dane or Dane/St. Bernard mix – my Momma didn’t talk much about Dad so that’s sort of a question mark. Being one year old though means I have a puppy brain in a big ol’ adult body. One of my favorite things is to invade your personal space and have my forehead kissed and be told what a good boy I am. My other favorite thing is to run around and jump on and mouth my foster mom. She has informed me that even if I have the softest, most gentle jowly mouth, it is still unacceptable. That puppy brain of mine is still working on trying to remember that. I have lots to learn still because my first family didn’t treat me very nice. I was hungry and hurt and the nice policeman told them to take me to the vet, but they didn’t care enough. That nice policeman cared though. He came and got me and I stayed at a place called “the shelter” for few months – it was great! They fed me three square meals a day ‘cuz they said a boy like me shouldn’t weigh only 95lbs. They gave me love and pets and lots of squeaky toys every single day – WOW! The judge man finally decided there was No way, José my first family was getting me back, so Great Dane Friends came to get me.

Now I am ready to find a family to teach me everything a big dane puppy needs to know in this world and give me loads of love forever and ever. Here’s a few things my foster momma says I am already good at: – Housetraining – I had some accidents the first couple of days because I got confused ‘cuz the front door and the back door are basically in the same part of the house – what the heck! I scratched at the front door sometimes and sometimes I would stand by the back door but now me and foster mom have it all figured out and no more accidents – YAY!

If you have a confusing door setup though, you might have to be patient at first but I promise we’ll get it figured out. – I might not have had the best start in life, but it hasn’t scarred me. So far I haven’t met a stranger and I don’t really get nervous in new situations. People seem to just want to love on me and I am A-OK with that.

I haven’t been around any little kids yet with foster mom but she seems to think I would be OK with them. Just see above about the jumping and mouthing naughtiness that sometimes still gets the best of me.

So far, so good on meeting new dogs although when I see them out in the world I do feel the need to bark at them – and momma says I got a big bark. I’m still also getting used to my foster sister because I had to get some boy bits removed and I couldn’t play while I healed. Foster sister is a little cray, cray if you ask me. She makes growly sounds and jumps on my head but then when I jump back at her to play she screams like I’ve hurt her when I haven’t even laid a paw on her – she’s a tad bit dramatic. The cool thing she taught me though is how to sing with the sirens. It turns out that I have a very good voice and American Idol will definitely be in my future. 

And then there’s kitties…They make delicious tootsie rolls and place them in a box for me. The kitties themselves are a bit concerning – they growl and hiss at me. I even very gently reached my paw up to touch a floofy tail and that did not go over well at all. I decided it was best to just walk away and soothe my hurt feelings with another tootsie roll.

Foster momma said she doesn’t quite trust me to be unsupervised in the house, but I am OK with hanging in the crate. I just prefer there to be a Kong stuffed with yummy things to make my confinement bearable. – If you would like to eat some of my kibble when I am having dinner, I will share with you. Ditto, if you want to look at my chew treat but please return it to me ‘cuz I reeeeeally like them. Since I share with you humans, I sort of assumed you all want to share with me, but foster momma said taking food from her plate is poor manners – UGH – so many rules!!!

How is a young boy to remember them all?!?!? I’m right here waiting for you forever family, so just contact Great Dane Friends and they’ll put us in touch.

Love, Jack.

Email us at info@greatdanefriends if interested in adopting Jack. Jack will require a fenced yard and he is being fostered in Mooresville NC

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