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Eddie is 2 yrs old. In his first week with our rescue, we spent $2500 on his diagnosis and medical care, and we appreciate the love and support from our community with donations during his first weeks with us. He was on anti-inflammatories for the first 3 months and now is doing well on maintenance care. We are going to explore possibly getting him Gold Bead implants when he’s older, per his vet’s recommendation.

The monthly maintenance routines to keep our happy boy moving around the best he can includes both cold laser therapy and acupuncture treatments at $55 each, Assisi Loop, NSAID prescriptions, joint supplements including 4000mg per day of fish oil, as well as other supplements. He is doing very well with treatments and has improved mobility! Eddie can even do short hikes now!

This boy is such a sweet, loving soul who just exemplifies everything we love about Great Dane personalities. Loving, goofy, playful, cuddly…to us, he is perfect.

Thank you to everyone that has already donated to Eddie’s care and to anyone that has shared his story. Social media works!

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Our Monthly Cost for Eddie:  $500/mo

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Please consider donating towards the medical costs of our sanctuary dogs. Their special medical needs should not keep them from a happy life that’s as pain-free as possible.
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Ollie is for adoption

My name is Ollie, and I am looking for my forever family…

I’m only about 8 months old, and I’m probably a Dane mix because I’m small for my age… whatever that means. I only weigh about 75 lbs. and I think I’m perfectly lap-sized! My foster mom tells me that good things come in small packages (that must be true because treats come in small packages).

Don’t let my sad eyes fool you. I’m one happy pup! I love to play and go for walks (I’m always in search of the perfect stick), and then I like to come home and curl up on the sofa with my people. I will take as much affection as you can dish out, and my absolute favorite thing (other than treats) is a belly rub. Did I mention I like treats? My foster dad says I am good on a leash, and he is teaching me to “heel.” He says I’m very smart, I learn quickly, and I’m eager to please.

I already know “sit” and “down.” Well, most of the time. I’m learning a lot of new things right now, so sometimes I forget. I also know “no” (I hear that one a lot, especially when I get really excited and want to jump on my people-friends). My foster parents say that my manners are getting better every day, though.
My foster mom tells me that I’m really good in the house. I don’t have accidents, and I don’t “counter surf” or “dumpster dive” (I don’t even know what those things are).

I like my crate; it’s where I sleep and it’s where I go when my foster mom tells me it’s time to chill out. Even though I’m a puppy, I don’t chew on furniture or shoes, but I do love “helping” people put on their socks! It’s one of my favorite games. I also like to chew on hands and arms (they taste so good!), but foster mom says I can’t and I’m learning to chew on my toys instead. I love ropes and chew toys and furry things that squeak (and that have stuffing I can rip out).
I’m still learning how to be what my foster mom calls a “gentleman” and I can get pretty excited sometimes, so I probably would not do well in a house with small children. An adult-only household (or one with teenage kids) might be best, as I’ll need consistent training and some discipline until I find my grown-up groove.

I’m currently in a house with no other animals, but I am really interested in meeting new dog friends. Let’s be clear: cats are for chasing. Meeting new people is still a little scary for me (I was a stray and had a really tough time adjusting to life in a shelter). I can get a little defensive and bark when I meet someone new, but all it takes is a treat and a few kind words to win me over. Once we’ve bonded, I am devoted to you. I just want to be where you are, give you kisses, and get some love in return.


Meet Handsome Hank!

Attention, Dog Lovers!
Meet Hank, a magnificent 2-year-old male Great Dane who’s about to steal your heart! With his soulful eyes and majestic stature, Hank captivates everyone around him and behind his large appearance lies a sweet, loving heart. Hank is a gentle giant who loves walks, toys, and treats.  Hank needs a special someone that is filled with patience, understanding, and a commitment to positive reinforcement training as he works though his leash/dog reactivity. Hank is house/crate trained, never destructive when left alone, shy with children, and needs a single dog home.  Help Hank on his journey to reach his full potential, and you’ll witness the incredible bond that forms when dedication meets determination. Imagine the pride of seeing Hank strut confidently down the street, his leash held by the person who believed in him the most. So, if you’re an experienced dog enthusiast, ready to accept this incredible and rewarding adventure with Hank please contact Great
Dane Friends of Ruff Love Rescue. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to make a lasting impact on Hank’s life.  More details are provided to interested adopters.

Hank spent much of his puppyhood crated because of a fractured and dislocated hip and now with his hip replacement he is embracing life and exploring the world with vigor. Hank is fortunate to be part of Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love Rescue where he received first-rate medical care for his infections, heartworm, and hip.  Hank is happy, healthy, and hopeful for his forever family!

Hank will flourish in a home with an experienced large, breed dog owner who has time to devote to him. In his new home, he will need a family who is willing to work with him on his training, leash manners, and socialization – things that he was unable to work on during his puppyhood.

Since Hank has regain his mobility and will no longer require further medical intervention, he is a spirited fella who needs to be exposed to new environments and sounds. Everything is new and sometimes a bit intimidating for Hank, but he is a faster learner, and his foster parents are walking him daily to increase his confidence.


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