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Eddie is 2 yrs old. In his first week with our rescue, we spent $2500 on his diagnosis and medical care, and we appreciate the love and support from our community with donations during his first weeks with us. He was on anti-inflammatories for the first 3 months and now is doing well on maintenance care. We are going to explore possibly getting him Gold Bead implants when he’s older, per his vet’s recommendation.

The monthly maintenance routines to keep our happy boy moving around the best he can includes both cold laser therapy and acupuncture treatments at $55 each, Assisi Loop, NSAID prescriptions, joint supplements including 4000mg per day of fish oil, as well as other supplements. He is doing very well with treatments and has improved mobility! Eddie can even do short hikes now!

This boy is such a sweet, loving soul who just exemplifies everything we love about Great Dane personalities. Loving, goofy, playful, cuddly…to us, he is perfect.

Thank you to everyone that has already donated to Eddie’s care and to anyone that has shared his story. Social media works!

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Our Monthly Cost for Eddie:  $500/mo

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Please consider donating towards the medical costs of our sanctuary dogs. Their special medical needs should not keep them from a happy life that’s as pain-free as possible.
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Petey is the perfect first mate for anyone’s shop! He loves people and has never met a dog or human he didn’t like.

He would be great as a single dog or as a pack. He is pretty laid back and easy going, but loves being with his people. He does better out of his crate and patiently awaits your return when you leave. Your return is greeted with slobbery kisses and the iconic Dane lean.

Petey came to us from a shelter where it was determined that he most likely was hit by a car. He has a healed fracture of his pelvis and a dislocated hip. Once in our care we got him into a specialist and he has a FHO surgery. Petey is doing so well healing from his FHO surgery. He takes his therapy in stride, eagerly trying new things and is building his strength and stamina daily. It is fun to see him act like a pup knowing he has had a bum hip for so long. His foster sister is excited to see him heal and loves being his training partner.

He loves balls and bouncing around like a goofy puppy. He crazily sleeps on his back , and has so much love to give to his forever family. He rides great in the car and is good on leash.

Petey is being fostered in Concord NC. If interested in adopting send us an email to info@greatdanefriends.com



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