Hi everyone!
My name is Faun and I’m 9 years old. PLEASE don’t let my age fool you,
as I have a lot of life and love left to give! I spent my entire life living in
a cage outside until my owner had to move to a nursing home. I am
loving inside life and knowing a warm bed. I don’t really love the
hardwood floors though, so my mom has carpet runners EVERYWHERE
for me. I only take the path that has runners and short distances of
hardwoods. I do really well with the eight steps from the porch to the
yard, but my ideal home would have minimal steps for me as I continue
to age and some carpet. I’ve only gotten the zoomies a few times
(which makes me mom do a funny squeal…) and when I did, it was in
the master bedroom that has carpet and outside in the grass.

I am starting to understand that I won’t be left outside anymore, but I
still keep a close watch on my mom when I go out. Most of the time I
will just stare at her and she will have to walk outside with me so I can
go potty… I have gotten so much better though and will occasionally
wander around the yard to sniff things while she goes inside. She will
leave the door open for me if she goes through to try to reassure me I
can return inside without panic. I NEVER bark and just look at my
brothers and sisters when they do… I just don’t understand it! Lol I do
love to go on a walk though and will go for at least 20 minutes or more!
All the passing cars and crazy street noises used to scare me, and
although I still pay close attention to them I am getting more and more
used to them. Mom says I have only not been happy with one dog that
I met on our walk. He was a bigger, unneutered boy that didn’t know
anything about personal space (or like mom said, HIS mom didn’t
understand the need for personal space). I didn’t do anything, but
definitely let my mom know I didn’t care to be around him anymore.
I’ve been great with my four foster siblings from the very first day
though – they range from 40 pounds to 130 pounds! I haven’t been
around cats yet, but I don’t think they would bother me much. Young
children that can make a lot of clatter and scary noises all the time and
don’t understand an aging dane may not be the best idea though.
Mom just can’t believe I have never once had an accident in the house!
She put me in a crate only for the first few nights (she could tell I didn’t
love it…) so she let me try to be out of it. I’ve been absolutely perfect in
the house ever since! I sleep on a dog bed right next to mom. One of
my favorite things is to wait for her to stir in the morning and just give
her a little nudge with my cold, wet nose for some loving.
I don’t particularly love to get in a vehicle, but I will oblige if someone
can help me. I do ride great once I’m in there. I’ve only been in the car
a few times in my life though, so mom says she understands why I
might be hesitant about it. She doesn’t push the issue – she doesn’t
think it’s worth stressing me out! I don’t get on any furniture either, so
I hang on the multiple comfy, supportive beds around the house for
me. My siblings love the bed and couch though, so I have thought
about it and put my front paws up there, but I can’t quite seem to have
the courage to keep going… mom says she thinks it will happen some
day and then SHE will be the one on the dog bed on the floor… but
actually, my mom already does sit on the floor with me a lot to love on
me, so….
In the end, all I want is to be with a family that will take care of me, love
a senior like me with all their hearts and continue to grow old
together… Are you that special family?


*Available for adoption soon

Quinn is a sweet, energetic 1-year old female Dane whose favorite thing to do is run and play fetch in the yard with her tennis balls. She loves attention, so when not playing fetch, she likes cuddling and snuggling! Quinn is good with all people, kids, and also with most other dogs. She rides great in the car too!

Quinn is also fine with dog-savvy cats. She is curious but also has a healthy
respect for them! Quinn has recently been spayed and received a gastropexy at that time. She is house trained and she does very well in her crate. She is good on a leash (slip lead), however, she does need some work
when she sees other dogs as she gets very excited! Quinn needs an active family and although good with kids would do best with older kids 8 years or older.

Quinn will require a fenced yard and Giant breed experience. 


*Available for adoption soon

Ollie is 3 months old & one of our volunteers rescued him from the middle of a 4 lane highway shaking. He is underweight & has hookworms but we are treating him for that & trying to put some weight on him. He loves his foster brother & sisters & they are very good w/him even when he wants to keep playing & they are ready for naps. We are working on the potty training & he has started going to the backdoor & whining to let us know he needs to go!!! Not very good on the leash but that will come in time, he thinks it’s a tug of war time when we put it on him.

Ollie loves to be around all the action but also knows when he’s had enough & it’s nap time so he puts himself in his crate & curls up in the corner. He still has all of his baby teeth so he loves to chew on things, but a Nylabone will deter him for a bit. He loves carrots and that is what he gets when he comes back in from relieving himself.

The vet is not sure of his makeup but thinking American bulldog/Lab or Pitbull mix. Whatever the mix, he is going to be a gorgeous big boy and he is SO very sweet!


Ellie is a sweet girl that loves humans! She loves to get attention and love. When she first arrived she was very shy but after learning about love and attention she is all about the humans she meets! Ellie is house trained and crate trained and knows some basic commands. She likes to chew on Antlers and Nyla bones but has to be watched very carefully with any sort of soft toy as she will shred it and try to eat it.

Ellie is being fostered with a senior Lab/Pointer mix and does very well with him. It took slow intros at first but now she is great. We don’t know a lot about her past because she was a stray. She needs slow introductions to other dogs but once she realizes there is nothing to be afraid of she is good. She would do best in a home with another male dog or would even be fine as an only dog. Ellie does have a prey drive so she is not good with cats or other small fluffies.

Ellie is being fostered in Concord NC.


Meet Diesel,

Meet Diesel! Diesel was surrendered to a local shelter when his family was evicted from their home. He is about 3 yrs old and neutered. Diesel has done well with dogs he has met at his foster home but he needs some work meeting dogs in public when on leash. We don’t think he was ever really taken in public much as he gets very stressed. He is much more of a homebody and more relaxed and confident in his foster home. He also lives with a cat that he is fine with. He even tries to bring the cat’s toys to try and get it to play with him!

Diesel is house and crate trained and we are working on his leash skills and basic obedience. Diesel will need an experienced owner that can continue to work with him on meeting people and dogs in public and can help him build confidence. He is a sweet boy that is very affectionate when he knows you and is in a comfortable environment.


**Available for adoption soon

Callie is a 2-year-old spayed female blue Dane who was adopted from us when she was 9 months old. Due to no fault of her own, her owners need to return her because of their elderly grandmother in the home and Callie having too much energy. She is high-energy and loves to play tug-of-war and run around and get the zoomies. She does very well with cats but can be selective with her dog friends. She does very well with dogs her size in playgroups and meet-ups but tends not to like the energy of medium and smaller dogs. She knows commands, though her attention span can be short so just be patient. She is a sweet girl who loves to lay by the fire and cuddle with her kitty sister. She also is house and crate trained and rides great in the car.

Callie is being fostered in the Charlotte NC area. A fenced yard will be required.


Lego is a 6 yr old neutered male Dane that came to us as an owner surrender after a divorce. Lego is good with other dogs but he gets VERY excited meeting on leash. He needs slow intros and he is fine. He is house and crate trained and rides great in the car. Although great in a crate he is trustworthy outside of a crate alone as well.

Lego is also great with kids and lived with 2 his whole life. He loves to play tug of war over chasing balls…but he does like those too! He gives awesome hugs by putting his head on your shoulder and pulling you to him. He is a big lover and very affectionate!

Lego is a silly boy that will chase the geese as they fly over the yard to the fence as they head toward the pond nearby. Loves to roll in the grass. He knows sit, stay, place, down and come – still stubborn sometimes about responding to commands but he knows them and will do them! He also will give you his paw for a treat 🙂 

His foster is working on leash manners with him so he can do better meeting dogs on walks. Once he sees someone or a dog he goes into super excitement mode and he’s a big boy at 170 lbs! So constant leash work will be a must.

Lego will need a confident owner with Giant breed experience and a fenced yard. Lego could be fine as an only dog or in a home with a confident female that can match his energy and play level. He LOVES to play but can get rough at times. If interested in adopting Lego you can email us at info@greatdanefriends.com for an application.