Medical Fund


“We’ve had a rough start from neglect and abuse, but we’re safe, warm, and loved now. Our friends at GDFRL are going to help us get healthy too!”

The medical cases below are cases for which we need help to pay for medical bills. They vary in severity from deadly heart worms to urgent injuries requiring surgery. Each dog has been evaluated by veterinarians and will get their happy ending! They will all go on to live normal, comfortable lives, but the expenses to get them there can be steep. All donations are tax-deductible.

Parvo Puppies

These sweet pups have kicked the virus to the curb and are thriving in their foster homes! We’re so happy for them!

Some of their vet bills remain, so donations are appreciated. Overall, though, we’ve been overwhelmed with support from donors and prayers and well-wishes from our community of dog-lovers. A huge “thank you” to everyone!


Our rescue got a call about a litter of eight Great Dane puppies and their mom who had been dumped at the shelter. The shelter killed the mom because they said she was aggressive. She wasn’t aggressive…she was protecting her pups! They were at the shelter a week before we found out about them. They were 6-7 weeks old. We went and got them and took them to a vet to be checked out, and they are all very thin and a couple were very lethargic. It turns out that they all have parvo which is REALLY BAD. Parvo is very much a life or death illness!

All the puppies were put on antibiotics and fluids immediately. One puppy, a male, unfortunately took a turn for the worse and died. His little body just couldn’t fight any more. A few of the babies are in worse shape than the rest right now and are getting IV fluids and meds at the vet’s. The others are holding their own so far on sub-cutaneous fluids and oral meds, and though they are still sick, they are eating well and beginning to play more and more!

These poor babies have already been through so much in their first few weeks of life, so we’re determined to give them the best chance they can possibly have at beating this! One aspect of dealing with parvo is the cost. So much care is required and at all hours of the day that we’ve had to rush them to an after-hours emergency vet one night in addition to their trips to their regular vet. With so many babies needing treatment, we are already up to $3500 in vet bills as of September 5. The bills are getting higher because 4 of the 7 pups are doing much worse than the others and have been at the emergency vet since Saturday. They had to get blood transfusions last night.

As a nonprofit organization we rely on your support to rescue and provide all the proper care for dogs in need, and these sweet pups are certainly in a ton of need right now! We truly appreciate any help we can get with tax-deductible donations, all of which will go directly to paying their vet bills. The puppies appreciate you too! Thank you to those who have donated via our website already!

We will be keeping everyone updated on their progress! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the most up-to-date happenings with this sweet little crew.


Heartworm Treatments

Heartworms are deadly. And here in the Southeastern region of the U.S. they are especially common because they are transmitted by mosquitoes. Very frequently, adult dogs come into our rescue with heartworms because their previous owners did not give them monthly heartworm prevention. It then falls to GDFRL to have them treated because we pledge to see to all the medical needs of dogs in our care.

Heartworms may not seem urgent, but they are! They infest the heart and blood vessels of the lungs which gradually kills animals. There are a couple of different treatment methods, and, together with our veterinarians, we choose whichever is most appropriate for a dog on an individual basis. Both options generally cost us no less than $500 per dog, and that cost is on the rise because the cost of the medications required for treatment has been increasing across the nation.

We are very rarely without at least a couple of heartworm positive dogs undergoing treatment at any given time. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing need.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help with the veterinary expense of getting these sweet dogs the life-saving treatment they need. Any amount is hugely appreciated!