Medical Fund


“We’ve had a rough start from neglect and abuse, but we’re safe, warm, and loved now. Our friends at GDFRL are going to help us get healthy too!”

The medical cases below are cases for which we need help to pay for medical bills. They vary in severity from deadly heart worms to urgent injuries requiring surgery. Each dog has been evaluated by veterinarians and will get their happy ending! They will all go on to live normal, comfortable lives, but the expenses to get them there can be steep. All donations are tax-deductible.


_noraUpdate 9.12.14 Our girl is ready for her forever home! She’s had a long road to reach this point, but finally, she’s happy, healthy, can see the world around her, and goes to sleep each night with a full belly. The only thing left is to find her “happily ever after”.

Update 8.8.14 Nora is almost ready for adoption! Recently, she has had two eye surgeries, the most recent being just yesterday. She is recovering nicely and should be healed and finally able to see without obstructed vision very soon!

Though Nora has had all of her scheduled procedures and then some, we could still use some help with the expenses of her additional complications. Throughout this whole experience Nora has had issues with infections after birthing, the emergency surgery, the eyes being more severe than anticipated, etc. We sincerely appreciate every dollar that is donated to help!

Update 5.28.14 Mama Nora has had ups and downs in the weeks since she delivered her litter of 12 puppies. Unfortunately, two of the pups did not survive, but the others have thrived. Nora went through a bout of mastitis and recovered nicely. Recently, the puppies were weaned from Nora and taken to their new foster homes.

After the puppies departed for their new lives, Nora was then able to go in for her long-awaited surgeries to get her spayed, remove mammary tumors, and to repair her cherry eyes. It turned out that her cherry eyes are so severe that they couldn’t be repaired at that time so she is being scheduled with a specialist.

A Medical Emergency
A week after her spay surgery, Nora’s foster mom woke up to find Nora very lethargic and her gums very, very pale. She was rushed to the emergency vet where she had to have immediate surgery to find and repair where one of her internal sutures had come undone during the night. She was bleeding internally and had lost about three liters of blood!

Thanks to the fast action of her foster mom and the veterinary team caring for her, Nora is on the mend now, and was able to go back home yesterday!

Nora’s emergency vet bill came to $2590. Poor Nora has had a rough go of life so far, but we are determined to give this girl her happy ending!

UPDATE: Miss Nora had puppies! When we took her into our rescue, we didn’t know that she was pregnant and only found out a few weeks before she delivered. She had a large litter of 12 pups, but sadly, two did not survive.

Obviously, we’ve had a priority change in terms of her medical care and now the additional care of her puppies. She has had some complications with mastitis, but is on the mend and feeling better. Later down the road we’ll be able to tend to Nora’s other mammary issues, eye surgeries, and spay surgery.

This surprise also significantly increases our medical expenses. Each puppy will require it’s own deworming, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgery in addition to medical care that Nora has needed as a result of her mastitis.

Nora is about three years old. She is very underweight, has heartworms, a painful case of cherry eye in both eyes, and mammary tumors that need to be removed and biopsied. She came to our rescue having been used by her previous owners for breeding, but when all of her puppies died, they just put her outside to live indefinitely. Now she’s warm and enjoying her regular meals. She loves other dogs, and even gets along with the cats and chickens at her foster home. She is a kind soul who deserves the chance to live pain-free and have a warm place to sleep.Would you like to help? Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love is a nonprofit organization, so we depend on donations to fund the medical care of our rescued dogs. Every dollar counts! Nora’s medical expenses will cost about $3000 including her spay, tumor removal, cherry eye surgeries, and heartworm treatment, and now the additional expense of a litter of puppies!We truly appreciate your support! So does Nora. She sends wags and kisses!





Theosanctuary: a place of refuge or protection; a place where animals can live for the duration of their livesƒ

Theo is our “sanctuary dog”. He came into our rescue in 2012, surrendered by his owners, struggling with some painful health problems, but just as sweet and happy as could be.

Our vets diagnosed him with a spinal infection and severe degenerative arthritis in his hips and knees. We treated the infection and that cleared up nicely, but the arthritis will just be a matter of doing what we can for as long as we can to keep him feeling good each day.

Theo’s medical issues will be ongoing, and we don’t know how long his quality of life will last, but we are aware that the likelihood of him being adopted is very slim. He is happy and enjoys his days now, though, and that is all that matters to us! Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love is Theo’s sanctuary. He will remain within our rescue and will not lack for any medical or daily care for as long as he is happy. We’re committed to him, and we love him.

Because of his medical requirements to keep him from being in pain, we do have some monthly expenses that are associated with keeping him happy and comfortable. We’ve spent a lot of time with his veterinarian developing a plan for him and are seeing good results with water physical therapy, monthly injections of Adequan (which lubricates and provides relief to joints in the body), and some anti-inflammatories and joint supplements.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely solely on donations to support the medical care of our rescued dogs. If you’d like to contribute toward Theo’s medical care, we would truly appreciate it!

We have set up the option to make one-time donations or to make monthly donations. Those who set up recurring donations will receive a special thank you from Theo! You will see the price break-down of his monthly expenses, but feel free to donate any amount you choose. All donations are tax-deductible and immensely appreciated.


Heartworm Treatments

Heartworms are deadly. And here in the Southeastern region of the U.S. they are especially common because they are transmitted by mosquitoes. Very frequently, adult dogs come into our rescue with heartworms because their previous owners did not give them monthly heartworm prevention. It then falls to GDFRL to have them treated because we pledge to see to all the medical needs of dogs in our care.

Heartworms may not seem urgent, but they are! They infest the heart and blood vessels of the lungs which gradually kills animals. There are a couple of different treatment methods, and, together with our veterinarians, we choose whichever is most appropriate for a dog on an individual basis. Both options generally cost us no less than $500 per dog, and that cost is on the rise because the cost of the medications required for treatment has been increasing across the nation.

If you’d like to help us with the cost of treatment, we’d truly appreciate it! No donation is too small to help!