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Your support saves lives.

You enable us to give all the extra veterinary care that is needed to Great Danes and other dogs who might otherwise be overlooked because they need medical treatments or who have medical emergencies. Donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for supporting rescue!


Mollie is a beautiful, sweet soul who finally came into our rescue recently. She has lived her 5 years of life in poor conditions – in a basement, used only to breed puppies for a backyard breeder, without adequate care. We rescued three of her babies a couple of years ago, but we were not allowed to even see Mollie at the time, and it broke our hearts. Recently, her previous owner moved away and abandoned her, so we were able to finally help her. She came to rescue limping in pain on one leg and with a suspicious sounding heart murmur, but as loving and affectionate as you could dream of.

We got some bad news today (March 6). Our sweet Mollie went to the cardiologist, and she has a grade 3-4 murmur, a 3rd degree AV block and dilated cardio myopathy (DCM). This girl is so good. So loving and so sweet and has been a perfect angel since she arrived. We are all so very sad ; she is only 5 yrs old! She lived her life in a nasty basement for her owner to profit off her puppies.

Well, she is with us now, and for as long as we have her she will be spoiled, have a soft bed and all the love she can handle ♥♥ Dogs with a 3rd degree AV block usually need to have a pacemaker put in, but because of her DCM she is not a surgical candidate. So, we have no idea how long we will have with her, but she will be loved dearly. She already is. Her vet bills alone so far are about $1800, and her monthly meds will be at least $250/month.

Mollie will stay in our rescue as a “Sanctuary Dane”. This means that we realize that she will not be adopted due to her health problems, and we are committed to caring for her fully for the duration of her life. She has a home to live in, all the medical care she requires, and all the love our whole team has to give on her side.

Cost: $1800 + $250 monthly



Meet sweet Lettie. She came into rescue at 8 months old, and has had a pretty crappy life so far. We were called by a person that got her a week prior from another person. She had been vomiting and having diarrhea for 2 days, and he didn’t have any money to take her to the vet. We were working on bringing her into the rescue, but less than a day later he took her to the shelter to be euthanized anyway! Fortunately, we were contacted and were able to intercept her.

Lettie had parvo, was incredibly weak, and is about 25 lbs underweight. She only weighs 60 lbs right now. The following 24-36 hours were critical. She survived the parvo but did develop some aspiration pneumonia. She had to spend several more days at the emergency vet on oxygen and IV antibiotics.

Lettie was released on to go to her foster home. She was feeling much better but still had about 25 lbs to gain and then she needed to be spayed once at a healthy weight. This girl is a fighter and so sweet and grateful to be in a home! She is so special, and we are so incredibly happy that she pulled through!

Her vet bills totaled $3000. She was able to be adopted in February, but we are still paying for her high vet expenses. As a nonprofit, we would greatly appreciate any donations to help cover these expenses. No donation is too small to help.

Cost: $3000



Our sweet, senior girl Roxie had to spend a few days at the emergency vet right after coming into rescue. She was refusing food. Sometimes when these babies are stressed this happens, but this was going on too long. We took her to our regular vet and found out after some x rays she had pneumonia. Roxie was transferred to CARE Hospital. We got good news that an ultrasound of her belly is clear, no tumors or abnormalities (this was something we’d become concerned about since she wasn’t eating)! And she started to eat a little a couple of days into her treatment. Roxie was discharged back to her foster home where she’s feeling much better!

We need some financial angels to help cover the cost of getting Roxie better! Anything is greatly appreciated and tax-deductible! Thank you!

Cost: $2000



Beautiful Blue came to us from a shelter with mammary tumor and heartworm positive. If left untreated, heartworms eventually kill their host. She is currently undergoing heartworm treatment which consists of a combination of ivermectin and doxycycline. Her vet felt that is was safe for her to undergo surgery to remove and biopsy her tumor and spay her at the same time. We’re happy to report that the mass is benign!

Thank you for supporting Blue’s treatment and surgery!

Estimated cost: $1400



Our sweet senior girl, Duchess, had to have emergency surgery on Sept. 23 when she bloated. Danes are perhaps the breed most prone to bloating. Thanks to her foster parent knowing what signs to look for, she was rushed to the emergency vet and had a successful surgery. She developed some aspiration pneumonia, but that was caught early. She was treated during her hospitalization and made a great recovery. She is now back in her foster home and doing very well!

The emergency surgery, pneumonia treatment, and hospitalization cost nearly $3000. We are appreciative of donations of any amount to help offset these expenses.

Estimated cost: $3000


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