About Us

Who We Are...

Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love was started by a group of volunteers dedicated to saving Danes and other dogs, especially one’s that may be passed up by other rescues due to special needs. We are an extension of Ruff Love Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non profit based in Thomasville NC. Great Dane Friends helps people to:
  • Determine the right breed for their lifestyle.
  • Find healthy, compatible dogs who fit their wants and needs.
  • Find new homes for dogs whose families can no longer keep them.
  • Provide all necessary medical care to return the Dane to good health.

Why a Dane?

  • Slobbery kisses full of joy!
  • Lap dog that weighs more than you.
  • Wet noses in your face.
  • Leans that mean I love you.
  • Gentle nudges until you pet them.
  • Noble faces that give way to silly antics.
  • They come in lots of colors.
  • Their favorite place is wherever you are.
  • A “Wroo Wroo” that says it all.
  • Great family pet that is good with kids.
Adopted Great Danes have an enormous amount of love to give... Please open your heart and home to one today!

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