Hi! My name is Cleo. I’m somewhere around 4-5 years old. We aren’t really sure because somehow I ended up in the woods out in the country. A nice farmer saw me eating her trash, and she decided to feed me and let me sleep on her porch. I lived on her porch for about a year. It was so nice having a porch to sleep on, but the thing is, I hate thunderstorms. And one night during a really bad one, I got so excited I accidentally scratched up the doorframe. I just really wanted to go inside where I felt safe. Mr. Farmer didn’t like that I scratched up the door frame so he told Mrs. Farmer she had to find a new home for me.

A fun family with three little kids came to my rescue. They are the best. I just love going on walks and hikes with them. They have another dog about my size named Ralph, and we have a great time chasing each other and battling for big sticks. The thing is, as much as I love little kids, I just can’t seem to get used to them. I like giving them kisses, but their big energy and little hands make me feel uneasy. I would probably be OK with kids 12 yrs and older . I sure am going to be sad leaving my new family. They have reminded me how wonderful it is to be a house dog again.

I am looking for someone who will love me the rest of my years. I’m kind of an older girl who’s ready to settle down. Walks are my favorite, but I need someone experienced with big dogs who can continue to leash train me. I feel most comfortable lounging around the house when you’re gone but I love to play outside too!

Do you think you could be my forever owner?


Leo is a 3 yr old neutered Dane mix. This boy is so super sweet and oh so smart! He is a bit higher energy and LOVES to run and play with other dogs. He meets new dogs great …big or small. During play, he will either be the runner or the chaser…he doesn’t care he just LOVES to play.

He is great with people and is very affectionate. Leo knows basic commands and walks well on leash and would be an excellent walking or running buddy! He also LOVES the water and will go swimming. Leo is house- and crate-trained and loves to ride in the car. He is in a foster home with 2 cats, but he can get overly excited, especially if they move fast or run so a home without cats would probably be best. But he has lived with birds and was perfectly fine!

He is a very social boy that has been out to breweries, parks, dog events etc. and is a rock star and great at meeting new dogs and people of all ages.

Are you looking for a FUN, outgoing, sweet doggie companion??


** Available for adoption soon **
Meet Emma. What a beauty! And she has more than just good looks going for her… she is a total sweetheart and such a good girl––inside of the house and out! At 6 years old, Emma is a perfect mix of playful and cuddly. She loves squeaky toys, but she is happy to share them with you, especially if that means a short game of fetch or low-speed chase (she rarely gets above a “trot” inside the house).

More often than not, Emma can be found cuddled up in her bed with her current favorite toy. She is a very mellow girl––a true “velcro” Dane––and she loves to give and receive affection. Emma is completely house and crate trained, and she is really good at avoiding potential household trouble. No counter-surfing or trash-can diving for this girl, even when there are temptations. She responds well to basic commands and is even learning some new ones! Emma loves going for walks and she’s great on leash.

Although she is currently being fostered in a house with no other animals, she has been fine with other dogs (big and small) while on walks. Emma came in as an owner-surrender and she is really thriving in foster care. She is happy and healthy, but with all the change, she is a bit unsure of new people––especially when they come inside the house (she can get a little barky). Her foster parents are helping Emma work on her manners with guests. Emma is an absolute joy and a wonderful companion. She is a very sweet, very special girl with a lot of love to give. (Emma asked me to add that she would like a forever family who will give her chest rubs. And new squeaky toys.)