Lacey is a beautiful 9 year old Great Dane/ Lab mix.  Her previous owners rescued her from a shelter at 5 years old but then were unable to keep her once they had a child.

Lacey is doing great in her foster home with other dogs & cats. She is such a happy & excited dog for her age. She was so happy all the time that she had chronic “Happy Tail”.  Unfortunately, due to the long time damage & infection to her tail, it had to be removed. Now Lacey is still happy but shows it with her wiggly nub.  Lacey is house broken & crate trained.

Even though Lacey has had a rough life, she loves everyone she comes across. She is an older girl, but her spirit shows that she has many more years of love to give❤️


Duchess is a 9 year old love bug that wants to sleep on the sofa and cuddle with you! She still has a bit of spunk and spring in her step as she likes short-spurted romps around the yard!  

She is house- and crate-trained, good with older kids and decent on a leash. She doesn’t require long walks but appreciates a neighborhood stroll here and there. She loves going for car rides especially when she can have her head on your shoulder.

She is happy, safe and well-behaved in the house therefore free roam is fine. Duchess would do best in a home with no stairs and floors that are carpeted as she isn’t fond of bare floors. Duchess prefers a quiet and calm environment without small dogs as they make her anxious. She would do best with large dogs that are laid back and submissive as she prefers to be the dominant one. She is also a snorer!

As said if you are looking for a partner to watch Netflix and chill (like really chill out) Duchess would be a great companion. 

Duchess lives up to her name and is looking for a kingdom.

*Duchess had to have emergency surgery due to bloat. She is fully-recovered and completely ready for her forever home! For more information or to donate to help with her veterinary expenses, check out our Medical Fund.