This is Claire! We think she is somewhere between 3-5 yrs old. The vet should be able to narrow that down when she goes in for an exam, blood work and vaccines. Claire came into rescue in heat, so her spay surgery will be a little delayed, and she will not be available for adoption until mid March.

Claire is your typical Velcro Dane. She follows her foster mom everywhere and gives great leans/hugs. She is shy towards strangers, but curious enough to give them a good sniff and allow them to give her a quick pat on the head.

Claire is very well behaved!!! Her foster parent can leave her free to roam the house while at work. She is a true gem and walks great on a leash!! She gets along with the miniature poodle in the home and the 2 teenage sons. We have not seen her around cats or small children. As far as we can tell, she doesn’t know sit or stay – but she is so well-behaved and smart.

We are trying to give Claire a few extra pounds, as she is quite skinny at the moment. But her coat is very soft and her markings are gorgeous! More to come as she settles in with us.


Marble is a sweet 3-4 year old male Dane who is being fostered in Upstate SC. He was living outside in a chain link kennel until one day his owners moved and took the kennel and tied him to a tree, moved and left him!  A neighbor took him in and called us. He is underweight and light heartworm positive.

Since he’s been with us, he has gained weight and gained confidence!  Since we had no history on him at all, he started a board and train with one of the trainers we use in SC. He tended to be a little reactive on leash when seeing other dogs but was easily redirected. Recently, he considered introducing himself to the neighborhood cat and wisely decided against that (see photo). By the looks of it, we aren’t sure it would have ended well for him.  😹

He’s a lazy love bug who enjoys sleeping in odd positions. He’s adorable!

He is great in the house and has had no accidents. He loves people and kids and especially head rubs! He fusses a little going in the crate but will go and settle quickly. He’s a chill guy that loves stuffie toys and playing in the yard.