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Tiny is an 18 month old, neutered male Great Dane. Tiny came to us from a family that had never had a Dane. He was kind of dumped on them by their granddaughter. While they gave him a loving home, they didn’t really provide Tiny with structure, rules or any kind of impulse control. This is a common age that we get Danes from families that have never had them and didn’t do their research and didn’t train them. The key to success with Tiny is structure and training. He was used to getting his way all the time. He gets overly excited in new situations so if you can redirect that with a command or distraction is is great. He is with one of our trainers, Jason Bebber with Atlas K9 to learn manners and how to politely meet people and new dogs in public and how to behave at home as well. We call Tiny our bratty teenager…and that is what he is but he is getting a great start with training and if you have Dane experience and can exercise him and give him strusture he is going to be a GREAT boy.

Tiny has lots of energy, and he needs a home where he can be exercised regularly and even where he would have a female playmate! Tiny does well with other low energy, giant and large breeds after decompression and slow introductions. He is not impressed with small yippy dogs that want to be the boss. So we will not consider placing him small dogs or cats.

Tiny is house and crate trained and LOVES to ride in the car! He is learning his basic commands and doing great. Tiny will not be placed with children under 15 yrs old age due to his size and energy.

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