Smokey is a 4 year old Dane mix coming to us with her sister, Ivory by no fault of their own or their owners. Due to her owner being displaced by hurricane Florence and damage to their home and the cost of repairs she felt that it was best to get them both in a more stable environment.
DNA test was done on her and she is 50% Boxer and 50% Great Dane, spayed and stomach tacked, and heart worm negative. She also goes to dog daycare for social time.
Smokey needs proper introductions when meeting new people.Her owner had worked with several trainers to help her better understand how to help her confidence. Her barking may come across as aggressive but all the trainers say she is reacting out fear and being nervous.  She found that when new people came into her home, it works best that she is on a leash and next to to her person.  She would ask company to come in and not speak or look at her.  After a few minutes Smokey does relax and can walk freely around the home This seems to work and once this is complete, she is great with anyone that comes in.   She warms up to women and kids quicker than men. She has never been abused or mistreated,but this is just her.
Smokey likes to go on long walks and going on car rides.  She will restroom quick in a fenced yard but not while on a leash.  Smokey can be in a crate while owners are not home or at night. She is allowed to roam the home now but as a pup she was crate trained.  Smokey doesn’t jump on people, isn’t a door dasher, doesn’t jump a fence but she does take and chew on flip flops and dish towels if left out.  Her day is typically spent laying around the house or the yard. She can be very calm in the house but also active if you want to take her on long walks.
Smokey may chase cats in  the yard or in a home.  We would recommend her to be in a home without cats and younger children.  She would do well with a home with female dogs that are calmer and are not protective of toys or food.  Smokey does have a reactive personality to other dogs when on a least but she didn’t find that she starts issues only that she reacts to another dog instead of backing down.   Her owner  used a martingale collar on her while walking and she can be redirected quickly when needed.


Ivory is coming to us with her sister, Smokey, by no fault of their own or their owners.  Due to her owner being displaced by hurricane Florence, damage to their home, and the cost of repairs she felt that it was best to get them both in a more stable environment.  Her owner got her in 2015, and she was very underweight, heartworm positive, not spayed and only knew the end of chain from living outside. 
 Ivory is approx. 5 years old now, deaf, has no vision issues that we can tell, heart worm negative , spayed and fully vetted.  She goes to dog daycare and is very social. She likes everyone, small dogs, big dogs, and cats.  She is easy going and laid back. The only negative about Ivory is that she will take food off a counter if the food was left out. Her favorite is a pizza and the pizza box.  She will also ‘jump to say’ to new people. So we’ll be working on these things with her. 
She restrooms well on a leash and doesn’t pull while being walked.  She is a good car rider and doesn’t get sick or move much on long car rides.


Obi is on Medical Hold while she is treated for heart worms.  More information is on our Medical Fund page.

Obi is a 4 year old female, spayed Great Dane who joined the rescue through an owner surrender. Her previous owners were gone for most of the day and did not have the time that Obi deserves to have devoted to her. Obi is heartworm positive and currently undergoing treatment.

She is a typical velcro Great Dane who likes to help and supervise everything that you do. She is very friendly and loving and just wants to be around people. Obi is great with other dogs, cats, and kids of all ages. She transitioned very quickly into her foster home and loves to play with her Great Dane foster brother. Obi enjoys naps on the couch with the resident cat and protecting her foster home from the UPS guy. She is crate trained but is also trustworthy enough to be left alone in the house.

Obi would probably do best in a forever home where her people are home for a majority of the day, as we do not want a repeat of her previous home where she was left alone for more than 9 hours a day. Whoever adopts Obi will hit the jackpot with this calm, sweet girl!

Though Obi is currently on Medical Hold while we’re working to get her healthy again, we are still accepting adoption applications to find the perfect family for her to go home to as soon as she’s ready!


This beautiful 4 year old boy came to our rescue by owner surrender. His original owner passed away, and he has been moved around a lot in the last few months. He is neutered and up-to-date on his vaccines. 

At 117 lbs, Cash is severely underweight and currently being treated for a double ear infection and skin infection. He is house-trained and loves people, kids and other dogs.  He likes to take walks and behaves like a perfect gentleman on a pinch collar. 

He is settling in but needs to be fed away from other pets while he learns he will be fed EVERY day. He has some separation anxiety and really just needs some attention and love!

He is just starting to play but does not like to share with his Dane foster sister. We will know more about his personality in the coming weeks as we expose him to more structure. Please check back for updates!



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Moogie 3 years old and 156 lbs. of pure mush and perfection. Mr. Moogie was dumped and living on the streets. He came to us with a nasty case of hookworms, an ear infection, an ear hematoma, a cherry eye, he needs to put on 15 lbs or so, needs to be neutered, and he is also heartworm positive. He shows the wear and tear of a street dog with miscellaneous scars. All in all, though, he is absolutely perfect. He seems completely content with his new life and is just happy to have a bed to sleep on. 

Stay tuned as he settles in and we get to know him better!



Zoe is a 15 month old, spayed and gastropexied female Dane.  Zoe came to the rescue as an owner surrender because they did not have time to care for her. Zoe is full of energy and is very much a puppy! She weighs approximately 112 pounds and is still growing!

Zoe is a very strong and smart dog who will require a strong pack leader. Zoe goes to doggie daycare five days a week with two other Danes. She plays well with other dogs, but she doesn’t realize how big and strong she is!  She would be best suited in a home with other large breed dogs, no cats and no small children. 

She would make an excellent companion for someone looking for a running mate or that likes to go for hikes. Zoe loves to go for rides in the car, take a dip in the pool and trips to the dog park.  She is house & crate trained and knows basic commands. She is a social butterfly and will play for hours with squeaky toys!


Duchess is a 9 year old love bug that wants to sleep on the sofa and cuddle with you! She still has a bit of spunk and spring in her step as she likes short-spurted romps around the yard!  

She is house- and crate-trained, good with older kids and decent on a leash. She doesn’t require long walks but appreciates a neighborhood stroll here and there. She loves going for car rides especially when she can have her head on your shoulder.

She is happy, safe and well-behaved in the house therefore free roam is fine. Duchess would do best in a home with no stairs and floors that are carpeted as she isn’t fond of bare floors. Duchess prefers a quiet and calm environment without small dogs as they make her anxious. She would do best with large dogs that are laid back and submissive as she prefers to be the dominant one. She is also a snorer!

As said if you are looking for a partner to watch Netflix and chill (like really chill out) Duchess would be a great companion. 

Duchess lives up to her name and is looking for a kingdom.

*Duchess had to have emergency surgery due to bloat. She is fully-recovered and completely ready for her forever home! For more information or to donate to help with her veterinary expenses, check out our Medical Fund.