Meet Stella!


Meet Stella,
Stella is a 2-year-old trapped in a 7-year-old body. Stella’s story starts when she was selected by a family whose father was in the military. He wanted a dog for his wife and kids while he was deployed. Stella stayed with them for 7 years. However, the family moved overseas and would be gone for at least three years. Stella could not go and instead went to live with an Older Aunt. Stella’s life with the Aunt was a bit stressful. Stella was confused and didn’t know what happened to her family. The Aunt had two high-energy dogs that Stella tried to be friends with but they didn’t like her much. The Aunt had no experience with Danes and tried to integrate Stella into the care pattern she used with her much smaller dogs. The stress of being moved away from her family, not getting along with the Aunt’s dogs, and Stella not bonding with the Aunt resulted in some common senior issues starting after living there for three weeks.

When Stella arrived at her foster home, she was a little timid and did not want to be close to the other dogs (a Dane and a beagle). The first day Stella would only lay on her bed that came with her. No matter where it was. She would find it and lay motionless on it. She would not approach the other dogs. BUT, that only lasted for the first night. The next day Stella realized she was in a safe place and the dogs here are not going to be mean to her. Suddenly this shy, grey faced senior Dane came to life! Stella LOVES attention. She wants you to love her constantly. If she walks past you she will come up and bump your hand for pets. And if she really wants some attention you better get ready because she will do the Dane lean.. But not just the normal Dane lean. She will approach you at highway speed (senior Dane highway speed) and just plan on using your body to stop her momentum (takes too much energy for her to slow down). The foster family figured out pretty quickly that she will ask to go outside.
Stella is a sassy girl. She is a grumbler. When she wants your attention she will get in front of you and grumble. Not a growl. Not a howl. But a low tone rolling grumble. She will do this until you acknowledge her and ask her what she wants. If she needs to go out she will look at the door then back at you. If she wants to play she will bounce away like a puppy, grab one of her toys and bring it to you. At first she just wants you to look at it. After a few days she will let you touch her toy. Then eventually she will play tug with you once she deems you worthy of interacting with it. She loves to chase a ball and is actually pretty spry for an old gal. She will chase it and bring it back to you. When you try to grab it she will put her body on top of it so you can’t get it, but she loves it when you try.

Stella gives a soft gentle tip of the tongue kisses when she likes you. Stella is also a protector. When the foster family’s son comes in at night from work she is the first one to the door to make sure he still has proper clearance to see the family. When one of the family members picks up the beagle and places him on the couch, Stella quickly runs over to supervise “Operation puppy lift” to ensure he is placed on the couch gently.

Stella is truly a puppy in a senior dog’s body. So if you are looking for a Dane who is playful, fun-loving, sassy, talkative, a little nosy, incredibly gentle, who loves kids, other dogs, and is an absolute attention sponge take a long look at this beautiful grey-faced girl!

P.S. She snores. Like, Seriously snores… like an 80-year-old man after thanksgiving kinda snore.

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