Meet Sky!


Meet Sky!

Sky is a 2 year old “Teacup” Dane. She was born June 9th 2021. She weighs about 90lbs, is spayed and up to date on all vaccines. Sky was seen by her vet recently and has a clean bill of health.

She is an owner surrender secondary to long work hours and inability to provide her the love and attention she deserves. Sky is a “velcro dane” and loves her person! She will follow you throughout the house and is happiest when she can spend all day by your side. Sky is incredibly sweet but at times can be protective of her person and perhaps territorial of her eating space but that is easily fixed by feeding her separate.

She is slow to warm up to new people and will need patience initially, but ultimately is super affectionate and wants to snuggle all day long. Once you break down her barriers she is bonded for life! Sky is great with other animals and frequents Doggy Daycare weekly. She is great on the leash (running or walking!) and loves to go for car rides. Her favorite time is in the back of the car with the window down…perhaps because that means that she is with her person and not home alone 🙂 ! Sky has exhibited some separation anxiety (she really does love her person!) and can cause a mess when left to her own devices. Trash cans unattended are her ultimate temptation! That being said, once a routine is established she does excellently and can go 8+ hours alone without needing to be put in a crate. Although her prior owner did not allow her on furniture, if given the choice she prefers couch and bed cuddles.

Sky is a lifelong partner and protector for her next owner. Ideally her next owner would be someone who works from home or does not work long hours outside of the house, and does not have little ones walking around. Though she has experience with children and is always sweet, we feel her obsession with her food and being protective it is best not to risk young children in the home. Sky would be a great sibling and fit well into a house that has other dogs. She will need a large yard space for zoomies between her 6-8 hour long naps 🙂 She is back with us looking for her forever home where she can thrive at her new owner’s side!

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