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UPDATE (see original information below)

Well, our boy Sherlock has turned out to be a simply FANTASTIC boy! When he came back to our rescue, we opted to enroll him with a professional trainer. He has completed his training with Atlas K9, and the trainer, Jason, said he has been one of the easiest dogs to train! He is super smart and motivated and has done well with all dogs and people he has met. He is on point with his obedience and his commands.

Jason has not been able to duplicate ANY of the behaviors that his previous home said he had, and he’s been a delight to train! He is totally house-trained and crate-trained, good with dogs of ALL sizes and is great with kids. He is a really awesome boy, and he is ready for his forever home!

Welcome back Sherlock! Sherlock was adopted from us when he was 4 months old. He is now 1 1/2 yrs old. His family is returning him because when his owner was taking the trash out, he saw their daughter in the drive way playing with a friend and ran out to see them. Well, at the same time, there was a lady across the street walking a very small, fluffy dog, so he ran to see them too. The previous owner said that he “bowed” down in a playful stance but then grabbed the dog and started shaking. He dropped her but not before doing some damage (she is expected to make a full recovery). Sherlock has never had any other instances with other dogs and lives with a Lab and a Newfie and even has a Frenchie friend. His owners felt that they can’t keep him. So here’s a little about him:

Sherlock is a 1  1/2 yr old Great Dane who weighs 94lbs. He is eager to please and LOVES human interaction. He is initially shy when meeting new people, but within 5 minutes, he’ll be leaning up against them trying to cuddle. He is house-trained (even uses a doggie door off of the screened in porch) and goes to his crate when we say “cage.” He always gets a treat for going to his cage.

He loves to cuddle on the couch or in your bed, but he makes sure that he leaves room for you as well. He enjoys walks, but gets very excited when he sees another dog. He know sit, stay and place. He eats his food and doesn’t interfere with the other 2 dogs when they eat – but they all have their own eating “spaces.”

Because he is still a teenager, he requires guidance when playing with other dogs; he sometimes forgets his size. He currently lives with 3 girls under the age of 14, and 2 dogs (one lab and one Newfoundland). He does better with medium to large size dogs.

He sleeps in our daughter’s bed (we had to get her a queen sized bed because he was trying to “squeeze” into her twin sized bed. He doesn’t bother stuffed animals, but likes to “tug of war” with blankets (and likes to hide tennis balls in the blankets and dig for them). He LOVES cardboard – so much so, he has been nicknamed “The Shredder” because he loves to tear them apart and then lets our lab eat the shredded boxes. He does well with “catch” but get easily distracted by other dogs, birds, insects, etc.

We have a large fenced yard and he loves exploring it. The only “food” item we had trouble with is ice cubes – he tends to choke on those. He is very healthy and up-to-date on all of his shots.

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