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Roxie is a 10 year old who was surrendered to the shelter because she wasn’t good with the owner’s grandchild. Not long after she came into the rescue she spent almost a week between the emergency vet and CARE Hospital with a case of pneumonia. Roxie has made a full recovery and is showing her true colors.
She will play and bounce around more like she is 3 or 4 years old. Roxie is really loving the attention she gets from anyone that walks up to her, yes even kids!
She does get a little stiff-legged sometimes, but she is 10 years old, even though she doesn’t show it when she plays. Roxie tends to seek out attention from males but will accept love from anyone.
Roxie is crate- and house-trained. We have been testing her with other dogs and cats. She gets along great with the cat in her foster home and with slow and proper introductions has done great with the dogs. She will make a great companion as she just wants to be right there by your side all the time!
*When Roxie first came to rescue, she had pneumonia. She spent some time at the emergency vet and is fully recovered and feeling much better! For more information or to donate to help with her veterinary expenses, check out our Medical Fund.

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