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She is a roughly 5-8-year-old gal who has been with the rescue in foster since the end of April. We aren’t sure how old she is since she was roaming free foraging for food 🙁 Over those months with us her personality has truly opened up! From a starved, scared dog who was escaping her outdoor fenced home to find trash as food, she has blossomed into a beautiful, spunky and playful girl who continues to gain confidence! She definitely wants to always be next to you (preferably being pet) but is working on confidence/security when she is alone, and is less scared of noises and confusing things like dog doors. 

Raven is working on being comfortable in new situations and environments but has definitely never met a stranger, young or old! She likes most other dogs and would do well with a playful doggie sibling, or would be fine as an only dog as well. She’d love a human who worked from home or didn’t leave her for very long hours, and who would be able to continue working on leash and command training as well as confidence with her. She may look like an older gal, but don’t let that fool you! She’s super goofy, loving and sweet and would love to be your companion on long walks and adventures, as well as snuggled up on the couch.

Raven is being fostered in the Raleigh NC area. 

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