Meet Phoebe’s Puppies!

Phoebe’s Puppies

Phoebe’s pups are over 9 weeks old now, and at the earliest won’t be available until they are 16 weeks.  If interested in applying you can send an email to  **Please note previous giant breed experience is required for any of our dogs under a year old. 
Ellie is a spunky, life of the party kind of girl! Always up to explore, first one to figure out how to jump out of the whelping box and explore the WHOLE house, fearless 🙂
Gigi is laid back with bouts of playfulness, loves to observe others, quiet but doesn’t take crap from her siblings, somewhat shy and less apt to explore than the others.
Leo is the most laid back of the litter, usually napping by himself before others, bouts of playfulness, loves to nap on his foster and play tug.
Molly is a sweet curious girl and loves to snuggle.  She loves to play and will initiate it often, but if things get too rough she will let her siblings know to back off!
All the puppies have been exposed to lots of different noises, animals, people and experiences. They lived with a cat in their first foster home and were great with him and interacted very appropriately. For the most part, this is a very vocal litter. If they’re hungry, they’ll tell you. If they want attention, they’ll tell you. If they don’t want to play with a sibling, they’ll shout about it.  They love to be held and nuzzle against your neck for a nap. 
Molly is in a head start program with her brother Tank through Atlas K9. You can follow their training progress on their Facebook page 🙂  Jason has trained and worked with several of our dogs and is great!

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