Meet Oscar!


Hi there! My name is Oscar.

I am a 4 year old male Great Dane and Bull Terrier mix. I am neutered and up to date on all my vet care. I am a HUGE fan of long snuggles and snoozes on the couch. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a spot next to you, I can fit right there next to you…or better yet, I’ll just sit on your lap. You don’t mind, right? I am really small at heart so don’t mind me. Besides lounging, I love play time! Frisbees are my favorite! I love to play catch with those! You just go on and try to throw it over my head and I will show you how high I can jump to get it. I love having toys so we can play together and I promise to always bring you my favorite one first thing in the morning so that we can share and get back to playing! I also love going for walks so I can smell all those new smells! I am great at going for walks because I know how not to pull, even if there is one of those pesky squirrels blocking the path. Walks far away are great too because I love car rides so I can stick my head out of the window and wave my ears and pretend to fly! I am not food aggressive and I do not jump on people because that’s not nice. I love and get along great with kids and other dogs, especially smaller ones because they are best for snuggles. I will always sit and patiently wait for my food and certainly treats!

Oscar is being fostered in Winterville NC. If interested in adopting please email at

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