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**Courtesy Post: Occasionally, we post information about a dog who is not formally within our rescue. We share about them to help them find a great new home!

Opie is a two-year-old, 140-pound bundle of love. Opie is an amazing dog, but we are seeking a new home for him because he has suddenly stopped getting along with some of his brothers. We are seeking an animal- and child-free home for our boy. We know this is asking a lot, but these are important requirements to keep Opie and all involved safe.

Opie is perfectly potty trained and behaves well in the house without being crated. He suffers from separation anxiety, so it’s best if he isn’t left alone for long periods of time. He has had professional training and can stay (“place”), come, (“Opie, come”), and walk well on a leash (“heel”). Opie LOVES his food and will cry promptly at breakfast and dinner time. He loves to tear up his toys and play with the squeakers. He loves to play with anything soft, so elevated beds would be more beneficial than stuffed beds.

Opie loves his people and will sit in your lap anytime you are seated (even in the bathroom)! Opie’s main goal is to just be with his humans and be loved.

If you’re interested in adopting Opie or have additional questions please contact Jesi at (828) 838-8918.

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