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Ollie is 3 months old & one of our volunteers rescued him from the middle of a 4 lane highway shaking. He is underweight & has hookworms but we are treating him for that & trying to put some weight on him. He loves his foster brother & sisters & they are very good w/him even when he wants to keep playing & they are ready for naps. We are working on the potty training & he has started going to the backdoor & whining to let us know he needs to go!!! Not very good on the leash but that will come in time, he thinks it’s a tug of war time when we put it on him.

Ollie loves to be around all the action but also knows when he’s had enough & it’s nap time so he puts himself in his crate & curls up in the corner. He still has all of his baby teeth so he loves to chew on things, but a Nylabone will deter him for a bit. He loves carrots and that is what he gets when he comes back in from relieving himself.

The vet is not sure of his makeup but thinking American bulldog/Lab or Pitbull mix. Whatever the mix, he is going to be a gorgeous big boy and he is SO very sweet!

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