Meet Mooch & Renny!

Mooch & Renny

Meet Mooch and Renny!  This pair of seniors came to us as an owner surrender and a very sad story.  Their family was moving from GA to NC when the husband passed away.  The dogs were his, and the wife couldn’t handle them.  So they have gone through so much stress and change in the last several weeks.  
They are a bonded pair, but we had no fosters that could take them both. We reached out to other rescues for help, but of course, everyone is overflowing.  We couldn’t not take them as they were living outside, and that is NOT where any Dane needs to be, much less seniors.  
They are doing well in their foster homes, but it would be so awesome if we could find an adopter that could adopt both of them so they could be reunited.  Mooch is 5 years old, and Renny is 6.  Both are a tad bit overweight but otherwise in good shape!  Renny has been spayed, but we need to get Mooch neutered .  
They are good with other dogs and have lived with kids.  Cats are unknown at this time.  They are also great in the house!
If you’d like a double-dose of Dane love with a pair who are already bonded, please apply to adopt them! We’d LOVE to see these two reunited, especially after losing their human family so tragically.

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