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Mildred Rose (Millie) is a 6-7yr old petite lady, around 100lbs. She is slowly gaining a few pounds, with a mix of kibble and wet food. Millie’s not motivated by food (yet).

She is gaining confidence each day but noises and new experiences startle her. She looks to her foster brother for guidance, so should probably do best in a home with a canine companion. Mille enjoys being close to her foster brother or her foster mom and does best with men who let her come to them. Unsure of how she would do with young children or an active/busy home.

She is crate trained and goes in willingly at bedtime and when her human isn’t home (her foster brother is in the room with her). Never had an accident in the house. Her foster mom works from home so not sure how she would do being left for long periods of time. She is starting to enjoy chewing on a bone and playing with a squeaky toy.

She jumps like a kangaroo when she wants to go in or outside and has a spring in her step now that she’s a bit more comfortable in her environment. Millie is a little nervous at first, but is a great car rider. More updates to come as she is exposed to more experiences and gains confidence.

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