Meet Maybell!


Meet Maybelle.

She is about 10 – 12 months old and is a quintessential Velcro Dane. Want to prepare dinner alone? Nope. What to read undisturbed? Unh-uh. Need to go to the bathroom? “Hey!”

She loves attention, playing, and meeting new friends—human and canine. Very sociable, she believes that anywhere she goes, everyone is there to meet and pet her. Maybelle has had exposure to cats and seems to be okay with them, but will give chase if they run. She favors stuffed toys and will bring them to you to be thrown and then retrieves for a repeat…over and over again.
Crate trained, she is currently kept in a 4’ tall topless X-pen when no one is home, and that allows her to jump for joy when someone gets home in the afternoon.

Maybelle knows some commands and leash training is underway.
This young, energetic Great Dane will be a fantastic addition to a loving family. She would do best in a household with another energetic canine playmate. ***A fenced yard will be required.

She is being fostered in Thomasville NC.

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