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Maverick is a 3 yr old neutered male Great Dane who came to us as an owner surrender. He is the true meaning of a velcro Dane!! He attaches quickly and will become your shadow 🙂 He seems to warm up to men faster than women, but with proper intros, he is fine with both.

He loves to go for drives and walks and is good on leash. He is house-trained and crate-trained but can also be left in a room with just a “tall” baby gate, he will jump over a short one, and is fine. We are still working on stay, just so he doesn’t try to bolt out the door if you walk out without him.

He has lived with a small dog and another Dane and did very well. He has been introduced to cats through a crate but not out with one yet. He seems fine with them, but we are still testing. He also has never lived with children or been around them very much, so we will not place him in a home with children under 15 yrs old. He can be a little protective of his place and people until you let him meet the other person. Out in public he is great. He wants to meet everyone. He just thinks everyone is suppose to pet him.

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