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Lila is an approx. 1.5 year old black female who came into rescue with other Danes as an owner surrender. She was timid with no self confidence, very skinny with multiple cuts and scrapes to her legs, and her ears looked chewed on with heavy scarring. Shortly after arrival to her foster home, she developed diarrhea. Through meds and dietary diligence, the diarrhea has resolved. Her digestive system remains very sensitive. She also developed cellulitis and yeast in both ears. This, too, has been resolved. Through all her physical challenges she has stayed sweet and anxious to please. She is finally gaining weight and her coat is glossy. Hopefully in a couple weeks she will be able to get her spay.

Lila has a sunny personality, a happy girl. She gets along well with the two males she lives with (a Dane and a retriever mix). She has discovered toys and likes to groom her stuffies. She is very food-focused, but there is no resource guarding or aggression. She takes treats gently; she is very soft-mouthed. She does counter surf, though, given the chance.

We are still working on her self-confidence. She views new people/situations with fear but once she figures out she’s OK, she is friendly and affectionate. She walks well on leash, rides well restrained in the car. Unrestrained she would like to help drive. She knows “sit”,”lie down” and we’re still working on “stay”. Lila is reliable in the house. She is crate trained, but doesn’t like it, and she can be an escape artist.

Lila will most likely do best with another canine companion or someone who is home a lot of the time.

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