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Lego is a 8-year-old male Dane that came to us when he was 6 yrs old.  He is a big boy that had pretty bad leash reactivity and took very slow intros with other dogs.  We worked with trainers and his issues have gotten better but he would take a very experienced adopter.
After almost 2 years with us and not finding the right fit, we decided to make him a sanctuary Dane.  At his age we felt that his readjusting to another home, even if one could be found that could handle his leash reactiveness would be very stressful for him.  We have already been dealing with a lick granuloma on his leg for quite some time do to stress.
Well as luck would have it shortly after we deemed him a sanctuary Dane he started limping and holding up his rear leg.  After x-rays he has a torn CCL and a suspicious spot that the radiologist believes to be bone Cancer. So treatment options are limited for Lego.  They cannot do surgery and treat the torn CCL because the bone isn’t stable enough.  So the plan is to keep him comfortable for as long as we can.

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