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Lacey is a beautiful, spunky, and goofy 9 year old Great Dane/ Lab mix. Her previous owners adopted her from a shelter at 5 years old and surrendered to her our rescue late last year. She came to us not knowing much about living indoors full-time and with her tail in bad shape, showing long-term damage from “happy tail”. She’s such a happy dog all the time that she’d spent years wagging her tail so hard that she was injuring it constantly, and it needed to be amputated so she wouldn’t have to live with pain or infection anymore. Now, she’s all healed and wags her nub all the time!

No one has told Lacey that she’s 9 years old. 🤷‍♀️ She’s bouncy and energetic with no signs of arthritis slowing her down yet! She has a sunshine personality☀️☀️ She’s friendly meeting new people and will take attention and rubs anywhere she can get them. She’s not really into toys, but she’s into people and would love a family to romp around her yard with.

We think she’s a perfect mix of Great Dane and Lab. She definitely knows the “Dane lean” and will lean herself on you while you rub her. This girl loves a good cuddle. She’s got Lab energy and playfulness and will happily walk right into a stream with you to explore the water. Lacey enjoys car rides, too!

She needs to learn some leash manners, as her enthusiasm for the world tends to result in her being a bit all over the place. She’s doing great in her foster home with other dogs and cats. Lacey is house- and crate-trained.  Her perfect adopter would be someone who will romp around the yard with her and give lots of belly rubs. Oh, and treats. Lots of treats, please.

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