Meet Kobe!


Meet Kobe!!
He’s not a Great Dane but can definitely hang with the big dogs! He is 1 1/2 yrs old, 68lbs, and was surrendered by a loving family who was just too busy for him. Their circumstances changed and with work and life were just not home ever.
Kobe has been around small children since he was first adopted and it really shows as he is great with them and looks at them as siblings. He is a mix of a little bit of everything, his previous vet believes he’s primarily a boxer with a bit of lab, pit bull, and possibly mastiff so he’s got a lot of love to give and a lot of energy to share. He makes a great companion to any dog, preferably one his size or larger since he is full of playful energy. He is a big lover and attention seeker. He plays fetch like it’s his job until you make him take a break. We are currently teaching him how to take a break from playing and just chill. With a little guidance and forced downtime, he does great.
If you are wanting a dog that can literally go anywhere with you- this is him. He rides wonderfully in the car and is just excited about life. He’s so happy to be out and about and takes direction well regarding sit and with a little tug understands to calm down and observe. He’d be a great dog to take to breweries and hiking or anything and everything where a dog is allowed. He can walk for miles and miles and is just happy to be out. Fantastic on a slip lead leash and even walkable by my 6 and 9-year-olds. He gets excited when he sees wildlife whether it be a squirrel, turtle, or bird, and might pull a bit but with a little correction, he’s back on track. He will even sit and take commands when he’s excited. Kobe does amazing in his crate and continuing to use his crate while he’s home alone is a must since he can get anxious when left out without humans home.
He has the most mesmerizing and velvety coat and loves all the snuggles. He wants to be one with the family and snuggle right beside you when it’s not play time. This sweet pup definitely needs to be with a family that can fill his bucket with daily walks and lots of play whether it’s a round of fetch or playing with other dogs. He loves people and is happy to greet and play with everyone. 

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