Meet Kennedy – (Peak Lab Rescue)!

Kennedy – (Peak Lab Rescue)

Kennedy here! I’m a gentle fella with lots of love to give.

They say I am a big, goofy derp. I love to rub my body on your legs and lean into you. That’s a Great Dane thing to do. My tail is like a helicopter and will fly in circles whenever I get excited and I will follow you everywhere because being with you is my favorite thing.

I’m a couch potato and a world-class snuggler. Do you wanna sit with me and watch some Christmas movies?

I LOVE food but have learned to wait patiently before I can eat. Being food motivated means I will be easy to train if you wanna teach me more stuff.

When I want to go for a walk, I will bring you my leash. I am a dream to walk because I’m a good boy and so eager to please. I will not run out the door when you open it. That’s good manners. I can also entertain myself with a bone for hours. 

I have seen the vet, am up to date on shots, already neutered and got that microchip thing.

If you want a big lug to snuggle, ask for Kennedy! 

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