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Hawkeye is a super sweet, goofy cuddle bug who just wants to make you happy. He is an affectionate velcro dog who gets on great with everyone in his foster home of another Dane, a skin kid and 2 cats 🙂! He loves his fosters daughter and loves to lay in the playroom with her if she is not home. He immediately liked and trusted his foster Dad but does appreciate slow, calm introductions with males or high-energy people. He is great with the two cats.

He paid almost zero attention to the older fluffy cat but was more curious with the younger more skittish kitty. However, he was easily redirected, and the two times the little cat has hissed at him Hawkeye could not leave the room fast enough! He has been very well-mannered with the older female Dane in his foster home. However, he isn’t allowed to have his toys when he is with her because he is still worried he may lose them and this tends to make him a little anxious. We believe this will get much better as he learns that his family and toys will be permanent now.

There has clearly been neglect and trauma in his life, but he is not letting that stop him from thriving in this new environment with consistency and clear expectations. Initially, he was terrified of small spaces but is overcoming that quickly with the confidence and trust he is gaining in us. He loves to eat in his crate and goes in it willingly to sleep when we are all upstairs. His foster will continue to work on “no barking” while he is crated when they leave, but he is doing GREAT for a dog that spent his life outside!

He walks wonderfully on the leash when there are no distractions, but we are working on manners when we pass other dogs. Again, this is improving his confidence. He LOVES to play with his Kong and carry his stuffie around. And when he has been unable to find his stuffie, he has been known to grab a cat toy or a pair of fluffy socks!

He is a very smart dog, trainable and willing to please. He sleeps in his fosters room free roam at night, is great in the car, and does an amazing job of letting us know when he needs to go outside. And he does not mark in the house.

Like most Great Danes he HATES the rain, and his zoomies are epic! If interested in Hawkeye you can email us at He is being fostered in the Charlotte NC area.

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