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Hank is a ~17-month-old male Great Dane. Happy Hank is 113 pounds of puppy love. Hank spent much of his puppyhood crated because of a fractured and dislocated hip and now with his hip replacement he is embracing life and exploring the world with vigor. Hank is fortunate to be part of Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love Rescue where he received first-rate medical care for his infections, heartworm, and hip. Hank is happy, healthy, and hopeful.

Hank will flourish in a home with an experienced large, breed dog owner who has time to devote to him. In his new home, he will need a family who is willing to work with him on his training, leash manners, and socialization – things that he was unable to work on during his puppyhood.

Since Hank has regain his mobility and will no longer require further medical intervention, he is a spirited fella who needs to be exposed to new environments and sounds. Everything is new and sometimes a bit intimidating for Hank, but he is a faster learner, and his foster parents are walking him daily to increase his confidence. While Hank is currently not neutered, he will be scheduled for neutering in February.

Hank is a goofy boy who still has puppy energy and is sometimes unaware of his large body, so we recommend a house with children 8+ who are comfortable with giant dogs. He has lived with other dogs and cats but Hank lacks confidence with other dogs and has been known to chase cats. For this reason, we think Hank will do best in an active household without other pets, so he can get plenty of attention.

Hank is perfectly potty trained and trustworthy to free-roam in the house without worry of being destructive. He is also willing to hang out in his crate and wait for you to return home. Some of Hank’s favorite activities include hang out with you in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner, snooze on the couch while you’re watching TV, or playing with toys while you work from home. At night, he will happily sleep in a dog bed at the foot of your bed. Hank rides great in the car and does well at the vet, making all the staff fall in love with his sweet puppy eyes and forehead uni-wrinkle. Hank is looking for his humans to love and to lean on…literally lean on, sit on, and love on.


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