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Hamish is a 6-month-old Great Dane/Standard Poodle mix so he looks pretty scruffy, but has such soft fur. He is a typical puppy with lots of puppy energy, loves his walks, and likes to carry a stick – be it a twig or log, he isn’t fussy. He is curious about the world but gets easily scared, so introductions are slow. We are working on introducing him to the wider world.

He’s currently in a foster home with two dogs and two cats, he loves the dogs and has been tutored by the cats, so although he is interested and would love to chase them, he is also wary of them. He loves to cuddle and is never happier than curled up with his people or dogs. We are working on crate training, and he is crated at night. During the day he will go and lie on his (or the others) crates but does not appreciate being shut in.

He did live with kids in his previous home, but he is a bouncy boy that doesn’t really understand that not everyone is as boisterous as he is. He is learning about personal space!

He will require a fenced yard and giant breed experience. If interested in Hamish you can email us at He is being fostered in Concord NC


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