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Grace, a petite female, Great Dane mix, has transformed from a tale of “Rags to Rich’s”.
She is approximately 2 years old and weighs about 75 pounds. Once a wanderer living on the streets of Charlotte, NC, Grace now thrives in her foster home. Found a month ago and taken to the shelter 30 pound underweight with skin issues and parasites, she has blossomed, putting on weight, regaining lost hair, and mastering the art of living in a civilized environment. Her radiant spirit reflects the resilience and joy that can emerge from a challenging past. Grace is a true delight to have around—overflowing with gratitude, eager to please, and endlessly motivated by treats. She effortlessly integrates with everyone she meets, demonstrating her social skill with both humans old and young and furry friends alike. Walking alongside Grace is a breeze, as she embraces the joy of being involved and engaged in every moment. Her ease of interaction, paired with an innate happiness, makes her the perfect addition to any family seeking a loyal and loving companion.
Adopting Grace means not just gaining a furry friend but welcoming an abundance of joy and gratitude into your home. Grace does still need to be spayed but she will be available soon!
Grace is being fostered in Raleigh NC. If interested in adopting email us at


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