Meet Ellie!


Ellie was originally adopted from GDFRL and has found herself needing to come back by no fault of her own.

Due to family emergencies her owner has to move out of the country and where she is moving Danes are a banned beed 🙁

Ellie is very youthful 5 year old great dane. She is literally up for any adventure. She loves walking, hiking, visiting stores etc. However, she is all for a good, all day nap sometimes. She does like creature comforts so a nice couch is a requirement:) She is not a fan of water but will follow you in as long as you are going together. She does get zoomies occasionally and it is just so adorable to see her goofy self. She loves playing with her ball and actually brings it back most of the time. She is not a morning person but if that is required by your schedule, she’ll just go back to sleep after her breakfast and potty break.

She loves almost all food except, strangely, cheese. Her stomach is iron strong and she can have a variety of treats without any GI side effects. She loves hot dogs and chicken jerky as well as bread and potatoes.

She is very good with commands and very motivated by praise. Good with other dogs. Inside cats are fine but if she sees stray outside, she will chase it ( I think she thinks they are squirrels).

She is good with people as long as they let her approach them first. She has been in multiple festival settings but due to her size, there needs to be a lot of space so she doesn’t get overwhelmed. She is really good in the car, loves getting rides.

She is spayed, pexied and just had full physical including extensive lab work and she was pronounced in perfect health by her doctor. Ellie is completely house trained and doesn’t require a crate.

If interested in Ellie please email us at for an application. She is fostered in Greenville SC

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