Meet Dixie!


Meet Dixie: AKA Tigger, Jack Rabbit. Dixie was picked up as a stray. She was very scared to come to any adult but a rescuer’s daughter was able to catch her.

Dixie was believed to be around 2 but once the foster parents met her and took her to the vet, they determined she is closer to one. Dixie is an enigma. She is scared and has the jumpy stray dog reflexes but she also wants all, I mean all the snugs once you sit down. Men have to use a very soft tone when speaking to her and she will run backwards when you walk towards her. But once you pass her and you stop she will come up behind you and place her head in your hand and want pets.

Dixie is far more trusting of women. Her foster mama can give her a hard “NO” and she will respond with a pout. But be warned! Man or woman is fair game once they sit on the couch. GET READY!! Fur missile incoming and she will use your body to stop her momentum in order to make sure she gets the snuggles. Dixie still has many puppy mannerisms including the puppy nibble and the straight backtalk when she doesn’t want to be in her kennel. A “no” and she settles down and is quiet.

Dixie loves other dogs but is nervous when meeting big dogs. She really likes small dogs but she sometimes is a little too rambunctious with them. Dixie will need an experienced owner that can handle her energy. An active family would be a great fit for her.

** Dixie is HW+ and will be treated and then have to be spayed before she will be available. Fenced yard will be required.


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