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Dino, also known to some as Harley, is a 19 month old deaf, recently neutered, Merle/Harlequin Great Dane weighing around 135-140 pounds. Still growing into his big feet, he’s the sweetest and goofiest guy around! But don’t let his sideways tongue fool you, these glassy blue eyes and grey and black markings make for a ridiculously handsome boy!
Dino came to us through no fault of his own; after his owner was killed in a car accident, he went to stay with his Aunt. She lived in a small apartment with other dogs and small children. Besides needing lots of space, Dino is deaf, and needed a lot of attention his Aunt just couldn’t provide him, so she turned him over to us.
Since then, he has received training on basic obedience using a vibrating  E-collar and hand signals, and has learned a few other tricks along the way. Dino depends a lot on sight and feel, and walks great on a leash, but sometimes needs reminding to concentrate on us instead of passersby.  He is crate and house trained. He LOVES giving hugs and burrowing his head between your legs or arms. He is food motivated, and has learned hand signals for sit, lay, crate, come here, be quiet, go to the bathroom, and no. Baths are no problem; sometimes he even sits and waits to be finished. He can be territorial, and responds much better to meeting strangers who coming baring gifts, and bringing you his toys or being instructed to put his toy down as opposed to it being taken away.
This boy would do best in a home with active parents, and younger, active dogs. Children must be older, as he is quite the leaner, and would knock any small children down. He likes helping with daily chores like vacuuming, cooking dinner, watering flowers, and really anything that allows him to be standing next to you.
Dino will require owners who are previous Dane owners, and have experience and confidence to be the leaders of the household.

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