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Meet Chloe, a 69 pound, super sweet 8-month-old fawn Great Dane that was surrendered to a local shelter at seven months old right when raising a dog becomes challenging! We don’t know if she’s a mix or all Dane, but she looks like one and has many of the mannerisms – from her clumsy long legs to her leaning hug. Her foster mother describes her as a giant puppy that doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She loves everyone she meets and gets so excited that she jumps around a bit before settling down. This might be scary to young kids so she is a better fit for teens or kids greater than 12. She will grow out of this with continued training, but her happy dance makes her foster smile every time she sees it.

Chloe loves to hang out in the backyard, laying in the sun, exploring, sniffing, and listening to the sounds of nature. Her foster thinks Chloe loves water because she walks fully in the shower while it’s warming up and runs outside through the dog door whenever it starts raining with the excitement of a little kid! Like most puppies, she’s curious about everything, loves a new toy, meeting a new dog, and hopping in the car for a ride.

Chloe lives with two other large dogs and is playful and curious about new dogs and would thrive in a home with another doggie companion. She could also be an only dog in a family that has time to spend with her. Chloe knows “down,” “sit,” and “touch” cues and is eager to learn!. She stays on mat while her family is eating dinner and continues to improve her house manners.

Chloe is a great work-at-home companion, mostly quiet and resting all day by her foster’s side. She has trouble channeling her excitement at times and can be a little mouthy like many juvenile dogs, but it’s all sweet and a plea for attention. Her foster is working on this with her and sees improvement.

Chloe enjoys a chew or stuffed kong in her crate and will settle in there for periods of time during the day. She will also sleep in the crate at night but has proven trustworthy to sleep out of it snuggling with her family on the dog bed, couch or bed if allowed.

Chloe is being fostered in Apex, NC.

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