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Chevy is a 9 yr old male Dane whose family surrendered him to a local shelter after he got his leg tangled in barbed wire, and they couldn’t afford vet care. Of course, they waited 3 days until they turned him in so his injuries were substantial. His leg was severely infected with damage to ligaments & his Achilles tendon was severed in half.

He started on antibiotics, and it took a couple weeks for the infection to clea,r and there was lots of swelling in his feet and toes. So much so that his toe nails popped off. We did months of wet to dry bandage changes, and finally he is able to go with out the bandage at all . He doesn’t even limp and the wound has healed very nicely! He will always have a scared leg and the hair most likely won’t grow back, but at least he doesn’t have any lasting nerve damage and can use it!

He does still have to be neutered, and we will get that scheduled soon and then he will be ready for his forever home. He is great with other dogs and cats. Good with kids and great in the house. He is a sweet soul that has been so good through this whole ordeal!

If you would like to help and donate towards his care any amount is greatly appreciated!!


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