Meet Bailey!


Bailey or “puppy Bailey” as we call her is four months old and weighs just under 50 pounds. This confident girl loves to go for car rides, adventures to new places, and most of cuddle with her people. She can be independent, but if you sit down, you will find a part of her body touching you. She is doing well with house-training and will continue as long as her new family supervises her and keeps to a routine. Bailey lives with three dogs (two 5-6 year old males, and a one year old female.). She is playful and brave with other dogs, mostly respecting their limits and can be redirected to toys if she is bothering her doggie siblings. She also lives with a dog-savvy kitty and will chase, but not hurt him.

Bailey’s foster family thinks the world of her and secretly schemes ways to keep her longer, but we know that is selfish and it’s time for her forever family to enjoy her puppy antics.

She is a typical Dane puppy going through periods of clumsiness, but right now she’s discovered a higher gear and can be seen a couple of times a day galloping at full speed around the backyard. She is a normal puppy and can be a “baby shark” at times, but is easily redirected to a chew toy, one of her favorites is a benebone.

Bailey will settle in a crate and we continue to reward calm crate behavior though her favorite place is on a dog bed near her people or if you will let her – sleeping right beside you on the couch or bed.

Bailey has learned with positive reinforcement training, loves treats, and is eager to learn new cues. She loves to go for short age-appropriate walks and is always ready to learn something new.

**A fenced yard and previous giant breed experience are required.

Bailey is being fostered in Raleigh NC

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