Here’s Jordy! He is also from the same hoarding situation as our boy Rex, and his name was Monster, but this boy is just too sweet for that name!  He is 3 years old and is settling in nicely in his foster home.  He is great with the 2 dogs there, big and small and is crate trained and house trained.  He needs a little socialization as he really was never taken anywhere before and can be shy and skittish with new people at first. He also has a short wonky tail that he was born with…but he has no trouble at all wagging it when he’s happy!

Stay tuned as we learn more about this sweet boy.


Rex is an 8 yr old male who came in from the same hoarding situation. We are also getting others from the same situation. He is a sweet boy that hasn’t met a stranger!  He needs to gain some weight, but so far he has settled in nicely in his foster home and has discovered how wonderful toys are!!  He is being fostered with a small poodle and a child and is good with both.  More info to come on this sweet guy!


*This is a courtesy listing on behalf of Boone’s rescuer.

This amazing Aussiedoodle puppy was rescued a a few weeks ago and is hoping to find his forever home. He’s a precious, snuggle bug who wants all the love you have to give! He loves everyone and would do best with a family who has someone home with him often, as he wants nothing more than to be by your side!

He has been recently neutered and is current on all vaccines as well as flea/tick/HW prevention. He is nine months old, has such a gentle soul, and is very mature and calm for his age! He LOVES toys and balls (and also likes to chew them😉). He is completely housebroken and is also crate trained. He doesn’t love his crate (because he spent way too much time in one as a young pup), but he will go in when prompted and remain quiet when crating is necessary. He sleeps through the night in his own dog bed on the bedroom floor.

While we (his foster family) do not prefer for him to get on the furniture, he will occasionally try to sneak up (especially to try to sit in our laps for snuggles). He currently weighs 50 pounds and probably will not get too much bigger. He has a wonderful, friendly personality, loves all other dogs he has met, and very much enjoys playing with them. Because he is a doodle, his coat will require regular professional grooming, so that recurring expense must be considered.

Home visit, adoption fee and vet reference are required. Thanks!! If interested please email


Due to not fault of his own, Abe has found his way back to GDFRL.  He was adopted as a young puppy in 2013 and is now 5 1/2 years old.  His mom passed away unexpectedly, and his dad needed to downsize and move.  

He is house trained and crate trained.  He is great with other dogs and lived with 4 others in his previous home.  He was also around horses and other farm animals and was fine with them as well.  He is good with people of all shapes and sizes as well. He hasn’t been around kids much, but we will see how he does…we suspect just fine as much as he loves people!  He didn’t live with cats but has encountered a couple, and as long as they don’t give chase he is good. He is a sweet boy that loves human attention and has one of the softest coats ever!

When we pulled him from the shelter we thought he was a Dane/Lab mix.  After adoption his family did a DNA test and found out that he is Boxer/Poodle/Dalmatian!  So he may not be a Dane, but he is a very sweet loving boy that is again looking for his forever home and would be a great addition to any home.


**Courtesy Post: Occasionally, we post information about a dog who is not formally within our rescue. We share about them to help them find a great new home!

Opie is a two-year-old, 140-pound bundle of love. Opie is an amazing dog, but we are seeking a new home for him because he has suddenly stopped getting along with some of his brothers. We are seeking an animal- and child-free home for our boy. We know this is asking a lot, but these are important requirements to keep Opie and all involved safe.

Opie is perfectly potty trained and behaves well in the house without being crated. He suffers from separation anxiety, so it’s best if he isn’t left alone for long periods of time. He has had professional training and can stay (“place”), come, (“Opie, come”), and walk well on a leash (“heel”). Opie LOVES his food and will cry promptly at breakfast and dinner time. He loves to tear up his toys and play with the squeakers. He loves to play with anything soft, so elevated beds would be more beneficial than stuffed beds.

Opie loves his people and will sit in your lap anytime you are seated (even in the bathroom)! Opie’s main goal is to just be with his humans and be loved.

If you’re interested in adopting Opie or have additional questions please contact Jesi at (828) 838-8918.


Dino, also known to some as Harley, is a 19 month old deaf, recently neutered, Merle/Harlequin Great Dane weighing around 135-140 pounds. Still growing into his big feet, he’s the sweetest and goofiest guy around! But don’t let his sideways tongue fool you, these glassy blue eyes and grey and black markings make for a ridiculously handsome boy!
Dino came to us through no fault of his own; after his owner was killed in a car accident, he went to stay with his Aunt. She lived in a small apartment with other dogs and small children. Besides needing lots of space, Dino is deaf, and needed a lot of attention his Aunt just couldn’t provide him, so she turned him over to us.
Since then, he has received training on basic obedience using a vibrating  E-collar and hand signals, and has learned a few other tricks along the way. Dino depends a lot on sight and feel, and walks great on a leash, but sometimes needs reminding to concentrate on us instead of passersby.  He is crate and house trained. He LOVES giving hugs and burrowing his head between your legs or arms. He is food motivated, and has learned hand signals for sit, lay, crate, come here, be quiet, go to the bathroom, and no. Baths are no problem; sometimes he even sits and waits to be finished. He can be territorial, and responds much better to meeting strangers who coming baring gifts, and bringing you his toys or being instructed to put his toy down as opposed to it being taken away.
This boy would do best in a home with active parents, and younger, active dogs. Children must be older, as he is quite the leaner, and would knock any small children down. He likes helping with daily chores like vacuuming, cooking dinner, watering flowers, and really anything that allows him to be standing next to you.
Dino will require owners who are previous Dane owners, and have experience and confidence to be the leaders of the household.


Marble is a sweet 3-4 year old male Dane who is being fostered in Upstate SC. He was living outside in a chain link kennel until one day his owners moved and took the kennel and tied him to a tree, moved and left him!  A neighbor took him in and called us. He is underweight and light heartworm positive.

Since he’s been with us, he has gained weight and gained confidence!  Since we had no history on him at all, he started a board and train with one of the trainers we use in SC. He tended to be a little reactive on leash when seeing other dogs but was easily redirected. Recently, he considered introducing himself to the neighborhood cat and wisely decided against that (see photo). By the looks of it, we aren’t sure it would have ended well for him.  😹

He’s a lazy love bug who enjoys sleeping in odd positions. He’s adorable!

He is great in the house and has had no accidents. He loves people and kids and especially head rubs! He fusses a little going in the crate but will go and settle quickly. He’s a chill guy that loves stuffie toys and playing in the yard.


Pluto is a 160-lb male Great Dane. He’s 8 1/2 years young and has a beautiful Blue Merle coat. He is your typical Velcro Dane: always wants to be near you and touching you. He just wants to be around people and have his head and face rubbed. He loves every person he meets, and everybody instantly falls in love with him. Pluto is house trained, walks well on the leash, knows a few commands, doesn’t get into anything or chew anything. He is trusted to have free-roam of the house!

His first home dropped him at a shelter last year when they could “no longer take care of him”. Whatever that means. A wonderful couple adopted him last spring (2018) and things were great, until their younger dog started to have issues with Pluto. Probably due to the fact that 3 male dogs competed for ‘alpha’ in one house, stress was a little high for the dogs. The final straw was when Pluto was attacked, resulting in several staples down his neck. As hard as it was, his family decided to find a new home for Pluto where he could relax and enjoy his senior days. They really wanted the best for him, and that’s when they found GDFRL!

Pluto is in a foster home now with a 3 year old female Great Dane who is very calm and patient with him, as he learns that not all dogs want to attack him. Since his most recent incident, it’s understandable he is a little wary of other dogs, but we are working on helping him gain his trust back. Still, he would do best in a home without other dogs or kids.

He enjoys playing keep-away, and especially LOVES walks!!  His favorite spot is looking outside the front windows and watching for squirrels and people walking by. He and his foster sister make a great security system – as they’ll let you know if someone is nearby (or if leaves blow in the wind haha).

Pluto is on some medicine and supplements for arthritis in his hips and knees. When he was first rescued from the shelter last year, Pluto was about 30-lbs over weight which definitely contributed to his joint pain. He is now at a healthy weight and quite mobile for a senior! He loves walks, but will drag his back feet and slip often. That was until his foster family bought him some new shoes for his back paws! These keep him from slipping and protect from dragging feet. Since wearing them he is a brand new dog!!  Much more mobile, playful, and confident. He wears them all day and doesn’t mind them at all. Stairs can be a challenge for arthritic dogs, though, so either no stairs or carpeted stairs are a must.

He is such a sweet, sweet boy who just wants a calm place to lay by his family and chew on his favorite blanky. He is eager to please, just wants to be near. you, and has so much love to give!