19732047_1372900989413524_1972754151676940051_nShyAnn is a medium-sized Great Dane rescued from a shelter where she was diagnosed heartworm positive. Since then, she has come to live with her foster family and has started treatment for the heart worms. Her foster home has lots of other animals that include cats, other dogs big and small, and even a Pot Bellied Pig! She is great with all of them as well as with children. She loves her humans, big and small, boy or girl. She loves the outside and loves to do zoomies. She is a little Miss Smarty pants and knows how to open the gate, but it's just to show off because she doesn't go anywhere and wants to stay close to her humans. ShyAnn is very shy when it comes to new people and situations, and it seems that before her foster home never lived inside as she is not so comfortable in the house, but that is even getting better! She will pace around a good bit, but will eventually settle on a blanket or a doggy bed. She can counter surf with the best of them, but her foster mom has started training to teach her to stay out of the kitchen. She does not get on the furniture, and has only had two accidents (pretty good for a doggie who has never lived in the house!). She likes her crate for safety and comfort and to eat, but doesn't like to be in it for too long. If any of the other animals, like the pig, are in it, she is glad to share it. She is afraid of loud noises. She is doing well with her leash training and now even wags her tail a bit on walks instead of keeping it tucked. She is a VERY curious girl. Everything is so new to her, but she is blossoming into such a wonderful sweet girl and just needs a family that will have patience with her and give her the confidence she needs.