16832183_1231098700260421_7478447832298448424_n   My name is Nala but my foster mommy calls me Nonna. She thinks I resemble the doggy from Peter Pan, Nana. I am 4 yrs old. When my original owner got me I lived inside as a pup.Then once I started having babies, I became an outside dog. I lived in a little pen with my mate Thunder. Our owner couldn't afford us anymore and was going to have us put down. That's when I came to live with my foster family. I live with 2 kids and I am great with them! I am really not afraid of anything as I am VERY Smart and picked right back up on my house training. I can open a screen and glass door to let myself out, but I haven't gotten the door knob down yet so you need to watch that! Mom also tries to crate me when she isn't home and I just let myself out. I can also open gates. I haven't figured out the clip yet though so that helps keep me in my crate when I need to be. I live with male and female dogs but i am best with the male dogs. A submissive or very low key female is OK but if they get rambunctious or growl I don't like that too much.I live with a cats too. I am slowly getting used to them. I let them lay around me and one of them even lays with me sometimes. But when they are playing or meowing, I get excited and Mom tells me NO! I have never hurt them, but Mom doesn't leave me alone with them. I am pretty laid back and love to lay in the bed and on the couch. I love blankets and pillows and to go for car rides. I also do well meeting other dogs on leash when out or at the vet. I just need someone to love me and take the time to teach me what they want me to know. I am spayed and all up to date on my vaccines. I am HW positive but am undergoing treatment.