Lillylr_MG_5143Lilly is a playful, 18 month old Dane/St. Bernard mix. She was a stray that ended up in the county shelter and was rescued by Rusty's Legacy. After a rough start with a bout of pneumonia, she is ready to PLAY! Like all Dane puppies, she has no idea of her size and needs to learn some manners during play - like a little less body slamming, please. Lilly's wild ways make a home with kids age 10+ the best option, unless the kids are used to living with a young Dane that is sure to knock them over and whack them with her paws when she demonstrates "Shake". She would be great in a home as a one and only, or with a playful male companion to romp with. A fenced yard would certainly be the best place for those pups to play. No kitties or other itty bitties for Lilly because they are way too much fun to chase! Lilly is quite the social butterfly and loves everyone she meets, so that walk in the neighborhood will have you making all kinds of new friends. She does need some work on leash manners, but Lilly is smart girl and ready to learn all that you want to teach her. If you think Lilly could be the right fit for your family, contact Rusty's Legacy in Marion, NC at 828-460-3190 or email