14188700_1078293995540893_4017084331052086321_o.jpgKorbin aka “Zippy” is a very energetic Great Dane Puppy at 16 months. He loves to run and play...and play! His goofy antics will keep you smiling all day long. When interacting with his foster dad you can see he only wants to please and the only reward he needs is love! (Although he really likes treats too!) His foster mom and dad call him Zippy because he loves to zip all around and especially loves to zip in for hugs and cuddles! Korbin came to GDFRL as an owner-surrender because his past owners recognized that he needed more time than they could offer with their schedules. He is house-broken, crate-trained and sleeps in an x-pen all night long (but really would love to snuggle in a bed). Korbin is going to doggie day care to keep up his socialization skills and does very well with other dogs. He is in a foster home with a male and female Great Dane. If his forever home includes a brother or sister, he likes to be the one in charge, so training and the right pairing are a must. Korbin would do better with older children that can understand his excitement and pure energy. A small child would easily get knocked over unintentionally and could get hurt. He is still learning that he should wait for his hugs and cuddles instead of zipping in to get them. He loves to cuddle his head under his skin family members necks but sometimes dives in for the hug and surprises us. Korbin loves toys and basking in the sun on the front porch. Korbin’s foster parents adore him and if they had the permanent space would "foster fail" (meaning they'd keep him forever!) on this guy, but they know there is a better home for him coming! Korbin is currently in training with a professional trainer. He will be available for adoption once his training in complete around the beginning of February.