Foster Homes Needed

We need your help!

The demand for rescue is constant, and the number of Danes and other dogs that we can save is directly related to the number of volunteer foster homes we have available. We wish that there was an end in sight, that the number of dogs in need was dwindling in our area, but the truth is that every day there are more dogs urgently in need. One of the great things about our rescue is that all of the dogs we take in go into foster homes. An available foster home can mean the difference in saving a life, of course, but the benefits are huge even beyond that. Fostering a dog in a home means that the dog is exposed to more socialization, learns or brushes up on some basic house manners, has a watchful eye on any medical issues that it may have when coming into rescue, learns what it means to play and be loved, and all these things together give the dog a great foundation for a great adoption. We are also able to learn about the dog’s personality so that we can help to find a good match in a future family. Recently, our need for foster volunteers is particularly great.

So what does it take to be a foster for GDFRL?

Fosters must meet the same requirements as adopters and live in NC or SC. GDFRL covers any medical expenses for the foster dog and we sometimes have food and toys donated, too. You provide a safe, loving home environment, a steady routine, food, and TLC. Contact Us About Fostering >>  
  Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love is a team. We make a point to be available to our volunteers for any questions along the way, so don’t hesitate to ask! Some foster dogs are easy and others require a little more time and effort, but they are ALL without a doubt extremely worth it. Knowing that you had a hand in saving a life and preparing it for a happy future is truly rewarding.