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Zoe is a 4 yr old Dane/Lab mix. She is a wonderful girl. Her foster mom calls her PERFECT! She is great with other dogs large and small and is also good with cats. She loves people and kids and becomes attached pretty quickly!

She knows basic commands and is great in the house – totally house trained! She also LOVES toys and LOVES to play!!! She loves to play tug of war with the other dogs in her foster home! She also loves to chew on antlers and play with Kongs. She is great on a leash and loves going for walks around the neighborhood.

This girl is so wonderful and is ready for her forever home!

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Grace Sat, 12 Apr 2014 13:59:57 +0000


photo-2Grace is a blind 4 year old female who comes back to rescue due to circumstances in her home.  Grace is a small Dane at only 90 pounds but has a huge Dane personality!  She loves her people and will walk around periodically and do a “head count” to make sure no one is missing.  Grace is completely trustworthy in the house and respects a baby gate.  She is a champion counter surfer, but her foster family is working on that.  Grace is a VERY smart girl and knows basic commands – her favorite being “sit.”  She loves going for walks and riding in the car.

Grace lost her eyesight at 18 months old after being diagnosed with glaucoma.  She has adjusted well and it only takes her a short time to learn where things are in the home and yard so she can navigate safely.  Because Grace is blind she depends on her nose to help her explore.  She can’t read signals given by other dogs and this sometimes gets her into trouble.  She is great with older children who understand that Grace is blind and could startle easily and are willing to respect that.

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Spartacus Sat, 12 Apr 2014 13:53:21 +0000

1471739_650919204945043_2019903517_nSpartacus is an amazing dog who gets along with other dogs (both big and small) and while his foster family does not have any cats, he does not show much interest in the ones he has come across. He is the perfect combination of energy and couch potato. Most of the day he spends lounging upside down sprawled out on the sofa and the other half running in the backyard, playing with his foster sister and eagerly awaiting his afternoon walk.

He is still a pup and is in need of some training but he has mastered sit and shake. He is learning other commands in his foster home and is a pretty fast learner. He is learning to walk like a proper dog on a leash but it is going great! He is also learning that he must sit and leave it before eating as this boy LOVES food and would gladly gobble it all up before the bowl was even set down. He does awesome in the car but will climb over the back seat to get closer to the other occupants. He attaches very fast to humans and thinks he is a lap dog who would be perfectly content spending his day draped over his human.

Spartacus does have some separation anxiety when left alone in the house and is still getting use to his crate but over time, as he becomes more secure in his surroundings, we feel that this should ease up a bit. He is currently crated when his foster parents aren’t home and at night and goes right in when they say go get in your bed.

He loves toys and tug-o-war is by far his favorite game. You will fall in love with this boys loving personality and playful attitude. He is looking for his forever home who will love him as much as he will love you!

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Scooby Fri, 04 Apr 2014 17:58:43 +0000

Scooby is a sweet 6-year-old male, with an adorable wonky ear, who was surrendered by his owner due to financial difficulties. He mainly lived outside prior to coming into the rescue and has adjusted well to indoor living. He is great with children, other dogs, and even cats!

He is an affectionate boy that will bury his head into you and loves having his neck and belly rubbed. He has shown no signs of aggression, even when being approached by his foster brother (another male Dane) while eating. He sits on command most of the time, especially when a treat is offered, and is extremely gentle when taking his treat. He is learning other basic commands such as down, stay, and walking on a leash. He loves going for rides in the car. He is not fond of the crate.

Scooby is heartworm positive and is on treatment using the slow-kill method, but that doesn’t slow him down! He loves to play with his foster brother.

Overall, Scooby is a love bug. He’s most content just being near his people, lying on his bed with his blanket or being able to snuggle up on the couch.

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Maggie Tue, 11 Mar 2014 14:10:12 +0000

1920138_643371212366509_1617459297_nMaggie was an owner surrender by a family that got her off Craigslist for their mother, and the mother’s landlord didn’t allow large dogs. At her previous home she lived outside but has acclimated to indoor living very well! She is doing very well in her foster home and is even getting along GREAT with the resident senior Dalmatian who usually doesn’t like other females but seems to be fine with our Miss Maggie!

She is your typical Dane that will try to take a mile if you give her an inch. Her foster mom is working with her on training and she is doing great. She was a little nervous at the vet with all the poking and prodding and had to be muzzled for part of the exam but once out in the waiting room was great meeting all the new people. She seems to be a big snuggler and LOVES to be rubbed and cuddled on the couch. She doesn’t like to share her food and needs to be fed away from the other dogs in the foster home but is fine with people around her food.

She came in with Ryder and has only been with us a couple weeks so we will continue to update as she progresses and we know more about her!

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Ryder Fri, 07 Mar 2014 19:51:18 +0000

akbs_20140223_1213-09-edit-editRyder is a very sweet boy who just wants to cuddle up with his people! He’s great with other dogs and children. He’s still not sure about cats, but as long as you keep an eye on him and correct him if he gets too interested in the cat, then he’s fine. Ryder goes to doggie daycare 5 days a week with three other Danes and he’s having a great time socializing with other dogs.

Ryder is learning basic commands, such as sit and stay and walking on a leash.  It is clear that he’s had no formal training, so it is a slow process, but his foster parents are working diligently with him to teach him these basic skills. Ryder does well in a car, but he likes to jump in the backseat to be closer to the driver! He loves to run around the yard chasing and playing with the other dogs! Ryder is not fond of the crate, but he does just fine with gating him in a room where he has access to his dog bed and his favorite plush toy!

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Sam Tue, 07 Jan 2014 14:09:51 +0000

akbs_20131222_1125-32-edit-editMeet Sam! He just turned 7, but his spirit is very young. He has some weakness in his hips, but that doesn’t slow him down. He is great on a leash and loves walks around the neighborhood. He will not be able to do lots of steps though.

Sam is good with other dogs, children and loves people. He does bark at men when he first meets them as he is begging for an ear rub.  Despite being an outside dog for most of his life, he is heartworm negative and loves baking in the sun in the backyard. His favorite spot is on his cushy bed. He is house trained and X-pen trained and has no food aggression or alpha issues.

If you are looking for a laid back companion who has lots of love to give without being to demanding, Sam is your man!

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Ace Sun, 01 Dec 2013 14:13:47 +0000


Ace is a 8 yr old male that is GREAT with other dogs big and small and okay with dog savvy cats. He likes kids and is very good with them.

Ace is great in the house and doesn’t need to be crated. He will give kisses and loves meeting new people. He can be a food hound and will counter surf, but we are working on that! Otherwise, he’s quite the gentleman! He is affectionate and loves attention. He likes to ride in the car and is good on leash.

Don’t be fooled by his age! He loves to get out and go places but is also happy to relax at home. He’s a sweet goofy boy with lots of love to give. He is looking for a forever home. Could it be with you?

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Zelda Sat, 23 Nov 2013 14:44:52 +0000


Zelda is a 2-3 yr old Dane we got from a local shelter. She is mostly blind and deaf.  She can see shadows and light changes…for example…when the flash from a camera goes off!! She is remarkably aware of what is around her. She is GREAT with people, good with kids too. She is house trained and will ask to go out when she needs to go – and you’d better pay attention! She LOVES being outside and long walks, especially once she trusts her leader – she will go anywhere.

She is a quick study, it took her no time at all to learn the house layout and know which door leads to walks and potty and which leads to food. Food is very important to Zelda, she is a lot happier now that realizes that food comes regularly, in sufficient quantity. She still likes to hang out in the kitchen though and is a thorough investigator.

She is living with two cats and a dog, but the cats have learned to stay away from her. She gets on very well with the male Dane in her foster home, and is slowly learning how to play.  She is also much better with male dogs than females.  She needs her cuddles and likes routines, she is a beautiful, sweet, special girl!

She has heart worms and is being treated with the slow-kill method because of the condition she was in when we received her. Not long after she was in our care she bloated and had emergency surgery so now her stomach is tacked and she is spayed. She has fully recovered from her surgery and has put on weight nicely and looks FANTASTIC!

She is the sweetest girl and is looking for a forever family with a little patience to help her acclimate to her new home.


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Hank Fri, 25 Oct 2013 15:45:56 +0000


We are looking for a very special family to adopt this sweet boy. We think Hank is a Catahoula/Shar Pei mix, and at 6 months old when he came to rescue, Hank had learned to be so fearful of people it was heartbreaking, but after three months with LukEli Training and time spent in a loving foster home, he has come leaps and bounds from where he was and is now a happy 13 month old boy!

Hank came to us from a shelter, so what has made him so fearful is a mystery, but we are only looking forward from here! While staying with the trainers, he progressed from being afraid to be touched or even be near humans to now loving belly rubs and affection! He has learned to take treats from your hand, as well as how to walk on a 6 ft. leash, too. All things he was too scared to do beforehand. He was so terrified before!

Since living with his foster family, Hank has continued to receive love and consistency, and he has absolutely blossomed! There was a time when we weren’t sure if he’d be able to go to busy events with lots of people and other dogs around, but he’s been successfully counter-conditioned as far as people are concerned and thinks humans are pretty darned awesome!

Hank also LOVES to play and be silly, as well as get love from humans. He doesn’t just tolerate petting, he actively seeks it out and believe us, once you kiss that smoosh face and see that silly tail wagging there will be no going back for you. He even seeks out interaction with strangers on his own. It’s almost a miracle! I’m not saying Hank isn’t still hesitant in new and unusual situations, but it is certainly at a manageable level. He continues to improve everyday!

Hank is turning into a normal, everyday, happy dog. He is very well behaved as well. He still has room for improvement, but nonetheless, he is ready for his forever home, of that we’re certain.

Special thanks to LukEli Training for helping our sweet Hank! Click here for their blog to read more about Hank’s journey!

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Woofstock Wed, 28 Aug 2013 12:22:44 +0000 Looking to have a Groovy fun time? Come out to Woofstock and bring your furry friends!!!!!

Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love and Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue are teaming up to bring you this great event! There will be cool vendors, several rescues, and AWESOME silent auction, Microchip Clinic, food and drink and great music….and lots of adoptable dogs!

$5 donation at the door gets you your first drink on the house.

Please check back often for updates on this year’s Woofstock!!!


Amos’ Southend

Collar Me Happy

Nana’s Pet Sitting and Nana’s Pet First Aid & CPR

Club K9 of Charlotte

Fix and Flex

NuVet Labs,

Dog Bar

Barks 4 Bones Bakery

The K9 Coach Charlotte

MORE to come!!!!



Pet Whimsy

South Hill Designs

Debbie’s Delights Chocolates

3 AM Jewelry

MORE to be added!


Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue

Ruff Love Foster Care Rescue

Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue

Carolina Mastiff Rescue

Catering to Cats and Dogs

Safe Haven

Greyhound Friends of NC

Companion Canines


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