Dutch is an approximately 2 year old Dane with a lot of love to give. He is a great companion and is extremely intelligent. He enjoys walks, toys, and zooming around the yard. He has been tested with dogs, cats, goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits; he is good with all of them but will chase the small animals if they flee unless Dutch is instructed otherwise. This boy loves to play and move and does not understand why the chickens and old dog in his foster home are not as excited to play with him.

Dutch has a history of resource guarding and spent his first few weeks with Great Dane Friends at in home training to correct these behaviors. Dutch is a people pleaser and is easily corrected, but he does like to test his boundaries often. Dutch will only go to a home with an experienced Dane owner that can commit to reinforcing his training on a daily basis. He attaches hard to “his person” and listens best to the person that he is the most bonded to, but will take instruction from other people if they consistently work with him.

Dutch is house and crate trained. He is a talker. This boy is a true love and still a puppy at heart. He would prefer a house without kids.